Friday, 30 November 2007

Mind, Body & Soul - Judgment and Criticism

After the thanksgiving re-run and special edition of the Mind, Body and Soul show, with contributions from our outer space friends concerned about how they can develop their bodies, things returned to normal this Thursday at 3pm GMT, (8am MST), for Real Coaching Radio’s International Show.

Host Coach Steve Toth and myself Co-Host DrÂȘ Venerina Conti talked about Criticism and Judgment. What they are. What their distinction is. How they are defined and how we use them against ourselves, others and our relationships towards others.

Not all criticism is bad. There is such a thing as constructive criticism, which can be beneficial for our own self-improvement.

When we persistently stand in judgment of ourselves and persistently criticise ourselves we become our own worst enemies. We stop seeing the wood for the trees. We run ourselves into the ground until one day we find we have no self-confidence left. So, we retreat into our comfort zone and avoid anything challenging.

Do we judge others because of our own fears? Do we criticise others because it makes us feel better about who we are or because it makes us feel superior to another human being? The truth is strip away what we do, our roles in society, our status and the whole of the physical world, we are all equals.

Our souls are pure love. Only when we acknowledge this love for ourselves will we find that we no longer need to judge or criticise because everything we need to feel good about ourselves is contained within us already. When we love ourselves, we can love others and be accepting of them the way they are.

The time and energy that we spend on judging and criticising is misplaced time and energy that we could be spending on something constructive, creative and productive that pushes us forward in our lives.

How do you react to judgment and criticism? Find out how you can deal with it without letting it affect you. Listen to our live broadcast from Thursday 29th November on Mind, Body and Soul at Real Coaching Radio.

Until next week,

Dr. Venerina Conti, (Holistic Psychologist) and Coach Steve Toth (Executive Director)

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