Thursday, 15 November 2007

The Slavers - Richard Brinton Interview


The Slavers is out”!!!

On Wednesday 14th November, Host Coach Steve Toth of Real Coaching Radio interviewed Mr Richard Brinton about his book “The Slavers”. Myself, co-Host of the Mind, Body and Soul show, Drª Venerina Conti, was honoured to be present at the interview for two main reasons:

I am priviledged to be on the front cover of Richard’s book
Richard has been a wonderful friend of mine for a couple of years now.

A part from Richard Brinton giving us a sneak preview into his new book, “The Slavers”, the interview was an amazing hour long journey that unfolded the global history of slavery spanning roughly 6,000 years. From the Greeks to the Romans, from the Trans-Atlantic to nowadays, why was slavery so popular? What conditions did these people suffer? How did it affect whole civilizations?

Did you know that there is more white slavery going on in the world today than the Trans-Atlantic slave trade ever had even at the height of its peak?

Did you know that slavery is not a situation that is only related to African or black people?

Did you know that child slavery is still in existence nowadays?

How financially viable was slavery? And how is it so nowadays still?

Richard had listeners’ full attention as he shared his profound knowledge of this underlying theme in his new book. A theme that we should all pay attention to as it affects us directly. The way we live, the way we are towards others and the way we perceive our past could all be changed if we listen closely and dig a little deeper.

If you missed this amazing interview, look through the Real Coaching Radio widget and scroll down to “THE SLAVERS – Richard Brinton” and listen in. It’s a story as old as time and a lesson that we still have not learnt. Truly an interview not to be missed.

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