Sunday, 31 December 2017


Happy New year 2018

 Dear readers and beautiful people around the globe,

31st December ... This is it ... The end of another year. I hope that each and every one of you creates the life you really want in 2018 and that synchronicity and luck are on your side.

It's very easy to get caught up in life and the necessities of life, so I hope that in 2018 you have your priorities straight and that you share love, and more time, with those who deserve it ... I hope that your every act of kindness is returned to you tenfold. I hope that every seed you plant, grows into a magnificent tree that will carry on giving for a hundred (or more) years. I hope that everything you choose to do brings you, and others, happiness. I hope you never have to speak harsh words and if you do, may they heal quickly.

May you all be healthy, happy, in love, safe and warm, and always have food on your table ... Happy New Year!!! ... and here's to catching up with many of you next year (somewhere around the world)
As for me ... I end the year with a final creation ... and thank the Universe for all the amazing gifts I've received of late that have re-awakened my soul. It's amazing how one ray of sunshine can melt away years of ice. <3 span=""> <3 span="">
I would like to add a very special "Thank you" with Universal Love to all you light-workers out there, all you energy healers, Reiki practiotioners, massage therapists, holistic healers and everyone else who shares healing and light in this world. YOU are the ones who truly make a difference in the life of others. On behalf of humanity I appreciate and value you. May your work continue unhindered in 2018 and may you always have the health to continue spreading your good work. <3 br=""> 
Before I go ...

Remember that Ghandi said: "Be the change you wish to see in the world"

I have been absent for a long time. My feelings of helplessness got the better of me and I retired out of the spotlight into the shadows ... but ... In the new awakening I find myself in ... I realise that we CAN make a change in the world. We are all interconnected and we all need each other for our very survival as one human race on a planet that is every bit as alive as we are. 

Every word we speak, every action we carry out in the world has an impact on someone, somewhere. We can make the world a better place by choosing carefully how we interact with others and the environment around us.

We can bring down the big corps and stop world monopoly (and the elite 1%) by choosing to support local farmers, small cottage industries, by growing our own crops ... by not conforming to the norm ... by standing up and speaking out for what is right and just.

The stronger ones among us have a duty to protect, serve and help to strengthen the weaker ones among us. We have an obligation to use our voice for those who can't - Not with arrogance, not with superiority but in humility and gentleness.

I allowed people's opinions to scare me off and make me hide away in a cocoon. It's taken years for me to find my way out ... don't make the same mistake I did ... Be brave and ignore other people's opinions. As long as you are not hurting yourself or anyone else ... stand up and be counted. You can make any change you wish to see.

Don't be afraid to love and show that love. Be kind, be compassionate and create a better world by starting with your world.

Spread joy not hatred ... speak kindly, not harshly ... but, above all, remember that you are NOT alone in this world.

Friday, 29 December 2017

One Brief Moment

Live more ...

New Year's Resolutions

Good morning beautiful world ... All I'm hearing lately is people asking: "What New Year's resolutions are you going to make?" - Me? - Very simple - "None" - I'm not a great believer in resolutions made on the 1st January that, being optimistic, are broken already by the 25th. If I'm realistic, I should say broken by the 3rd!!!

I am more of the opinion that we should change our lives, or aspects thereof, when we feel the time is right to do so - and without hesitation. The moment we decide should be the moment of change. If we dilly dally between deciding and changing, we'll probably end up doing nothing. 

However, if we want to use the popular cultural tradition of making resolutions for the new year, then why don't we make them in December? ... That's usually when I make mine if I make any at all.

The way I see it is ... No matter how frigging terrible and difficult the year has been, we can all choose to end it on a positive note and, thereby, really go into the new year as we mean to continue throughout the year. An end of year shift from negative energy to a positive attitude sets the tone for the coming year. It restores hope and creates a new outlook of optimism... (and as I write this ... my phone just beeped ... only for me to see 11:11 on its clock ... if that's not a sign, then nothing is) ...

Point is ... we are all more likely to keep promises we make to ourselves, and stick to changes in our lives, when we do them because we want to and when we feel the time is right to do so ... and not because we're under pressure, to do so, by some popular cultural tradition.

What changes will you be implementing in your life?

One Global Love

Monday, 25 December 2017

Guidelines for better living

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone ... While most of the world is celebrating, I would like to take a moment to send a virtual hug to everyone but especially to those for whom today is a day filled with bitter-sweet nostalgia and mixed feelings of happiness and sadness.

Today, of all days, I send my compassion and loving sympathy to those remembering dear, departed, loved ones - because I understand that this time of the year is the hardest. I understand how all the beautiful memories both comfort and upset at the same time. 

My heart goes out to all of you who wish you could be closer to someone who is at a distance ... whether that distance be emotional, mental or physical ... but ... distance is only the time it takes to pick up the phone, send a message or write.

... and, finally, I especially send love to all of those who have nowhere to celebrate, nothing to eat, no family and no roof over their heads ... Much love to everyone ...

To all those celebrating something ... I wish you a beautiful holiday season ... to those not celebrating anything ... there is always something to celebrate ... so, celebrate life!!!

Life is such a precious and, yet, volatile gift to have. None of us know how long it will last and that's why we should make every moment count ... and remember, the biggest gift you can give anyone is your love and your time. Neither cost anything but can mean so much to someone else.
Time, by its very nature, is so fleeting and precious, we should choose wisely who to spend it with, because it's the one thing we can never get back.

I wish you all Love , happiness , peace , health, prosperity and everything you wish for yourselves and more. May this be the end of all our karmic cycles and the beginning of new ones! One global love <3 span="">

Friday, 22 December 2017

A few choice thoughts for living a happier life.

Good morning beautiful peeps around the globe ...This morning's reflection: - a few choice thoughts for living a happier life perhaps?

1) Never walk too far away from someone you love;
2) Never leave loose ends. Always start with a clean slate.
3) Never slam a door so hard that you can't ever open it again.
4) Always kiss or hug someone goodbye. You never know if you'll ever see them again.
5) Learn to listen more and if you can't hear anything, read the signs. There are many ways of listening and "subtle listening" is, in itself, an art form.
6) Never lose sight of the light that guides you home; wherever that home may be. If you don't know where home is, for you, follow your heart. Home is where your heart is.
7) Never lose sight of friends - as someone once wrote, they're like stars, we may not always be able to see them but they are there shining brightly in the night sky.
8) Be true to you
9) Always make time to give a little time to others. It may just be time for you but to them it could mean the world.
10) Never expect from others what you're not willing to give. 

Have a beautiful day and may you be happy, feel happy and be surrounded by happiness ... Life is too short for anything less

Thursday, 21 December 2017

One moment of Heaven is worth walking through hell for.

Good morning beautiful peeps <3 span=""> ... and so the journey continues ... Morning reflection with another musical creation of mine ... After years of nothing, it would seem the flood gates of creativity have finally opened up again ... 

In life, each and every one of us has a path to follow. Some of us have a clear idea of what we want and where we're headed. Some may methodically map their journey out. The rest of us may just be winging it; allowing the Universe to play its part ... But, even when, or if, we think we have an idea of the destination, we never fully know where life will lead us because things happen and everything, in life, is subject to change ... and so the journey continues ... 

Sometimes, we may deviate from our path. We may even get lost or fall into a well so deep that getting out is one of the hardest, and most painful, inner struggles we may have ever had to face. But, from experience, I know that sooner, or later, life has a way of shining a light so bright, to guide us back to the path, that we will be faced with two choices; to stay in the well and give up. Or, to start to painstakingly climb our way out - no matter what.

On our way back onto our path, we may be faced with challenges beyond anything we could ever imagine. People and events will be sent to try and block our way or, worse still, try and push us back down into the well. It almost feels like the Universe is putting our courage to face life, our inner strength, resolution and determination to the test.

It's only when we finally stand, once again, on "terra ferma" (steady ground,) face the beautiful rays of the sun and allow it's warmth to peacefully embrace us that we realise, it was worth enduring every piercing sword. In order to fully appreciate beauty, sometimes we have to go through hell and back.
Trust me .... One moment of heaven is well worth walking through hell for ...

Have a very blessed day ... and remember, nothing in life is permanent and we all have the same inner strength to overcome any, and all challenges. What matters is our attitude towards the challenges.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

The Hawk Spirit

Good morning beautiful peeps around the globe .... The daily reflection ...

So few times, in life, time actually stands so completely still that nothing else exists outside that moment. Even though it may be one fleeting moment in time, by the standards of conventional time, there is, actually, no feeling of any time or space at all. Everything just “is.” Everything is in perfect balance, at one and completely at peace. Although it may only last one brief temporal moment, it is etched for eternity in the mind's eye. Appreciate such moments because they are so very precious and rare. Have a great day everyone

On another note, I love all kinds of birds but my favourite is definitely the "Hawk." The sheer exquisiteness and beauty of this creature is in its ability to see everything; and I mean everything. Even when it's looking away from you, it sees everything, every moving object, every detail around it. The field of vision of this magnificent creature is outstanding. It's almost like it has eyes in the back of its head because even with its back to you ... it sees ... But, its most incredible feature is that "especially" when you think it's not looking ... is precisely when it's observing the most.
The native Americans consider it a very powerful shamanic animal spirit to have precisely for its capacity of depth and span of vision plus detailed observance. It's considered the all powerful "seeing eye" of everything. Hunters, Medicine Peoples and Spiritual guides were thought to have this animal spirit, which gave them great insight that would benefit their quests. It can only be compared to the all-seeing eye of Ra.

In the true teachings of the Tantra ... it is believed that ... when you know someone's animal spirit, you truly know them ... on levels that go far beyond anything obvious ...

Monday, 18 December 2017

Speech, Body language and Energy

Good afternoon beautiful world ... A reflection for the day ... An Italian writer, Luigi Pirandello once wrote: "We are all one, nobody and 100,000" - and he was right.

Society identifies us by the name we're given. It also defines us by the roles we play in said society. Society's tendency is to put us in pigeon holes and when we deviate from the "expected cliché stereotype," society doesn't know where to put us and, to a degree, puts us at bay - on the outskirts until it can figure out which category to put us in.

Yet, names and labels are not what define us. How we dress does not define us. How, and where, we live does not define us. We are not defined by the colour of our skin nor by the ever evolving belief system we have, which in a state of growth is in permanent change.
To a degree, in this world of duality where we reside, what we say and how we choose to behave does project in some way who we are and what we stand for. Yet, verbally and physically, we can project any message we want to. As creators of thoughts, any thought our mind creates can, and usually does, manifest in our body language or in our speech, and that would be enough for every day interactions since most of us wouldn't notice any inconsistencies between speech and behaviour - because that is what we've all been taught to focus on. Of course, like all animals though, we are prone to, also, acting out of instinct.

In reality, though, whether we are acting out of pure mindfulness or instinct, there is much more at play here than just speech and body language. In all interactions, the energy exchanged, is of fundamental importance.

With extreme control of one's mind, emotions and reactions, a human being can wittingly transmit carefully crafted messages, which may (or may not) reflect the energetic reality; except perhaps when we allow our reactions to be quicker than our thoughts and act out of spontaneity. But, unfortunately, for most of us - unless we're a spiritual guru, highly enlightened, highly trained military personnel or some kind of Shaman - absolute control of one's mind is ... well ... a long way off, and so is understanding someone else who may use this frigging amazingly intelligent art form. Sorry to admire it, but it is so precise and so methodical and so disciplined, I stand in awe before it. It's pure cognitive genius.

Or, perhaps I'm getting too excited, and all we need in reality, to be that highly attuned, is just to be simultaneously broadcasting and receiving on the exact same energetic vibration frequency.

In my humble opinion, it's only when we see discrepancies between speech, body language and energy transmitted that we really start looking beyond the use of our "eyes." We enter into the very essence of another being - their soul - where there is only authenticity and, therefore, true identity, which (knowingly or unknowingly) we all project from our inner being. Only those who pause for long enough can truly see it - and therefore see you in your entirety -

As a friend said recently: - "It is at once something and everything at the same time."
Love each other peeps. Have a great week

Saturday, 16 December 2017

The Meeting

Good afternoon beautiful world ... For 2 days, I have been trying to write a little ditty tune to accompany a couple of videos ... However, it would seem that (what was suppose to be) a little ditty tune has turned into a personal "Virgil" epic ... As I sit here and reflect, I am having a moment where I am not sure anymore if I wrote the song or if the song wrote me. Just click on the link below and then click on play. No need to download.

Inspired by connections we create with people on a daily basis, how those people influence our lives and viceversa, (knowingly and unknowingly,) and how, sometimes, something beyond the mind stops for long enough to realise (and appreciate) the life journey we've had to take in order to be in the same place; to share the same space and time.

Every encounter will last the time it needs to. Every encounter has something to teach us. Every lesson learned leads us to becoming the new, ever evolving, human being that we are. Every encounter matters in the bigger mosaic of who we were, who we are and who we want to be. No encounter is ever a matter of chance.... but every once in a while, or maybe once in a lifetime, the encounter is so powerful, that no matter what?, where?, why?, when? and how long for?, it awakens the very core of something inside us that is beyond this one life time we find ourselves in.
It is such an inspiring encounter that it's almost like picking up an eternal soul dance in which we know the steps even though we've never danced before.

It's best to listen to the track using headphones for the full effect. Take from it what you will. Music, like any form of art, is always about how it stirs personal emotions and is, therefore, open to personal interpretation ... Personally, I am grateful to the Universe for this encounter, (a muse,) that has the appearance of Spring in the midst of a cold, harsh, winter.

Please do let me know how it makes you feel. I would be very interested in comments and feedback. Thank you.

My love to all of you out there in the world and may your encounters be one of love, kindness, compassion and sharing. Love each other ... life really is too short

Friday, 15 December 2017

What we want and what we need

Amazing skies last night ... and a random reflection for the day. Two years ago this month, I found myself in Thailand - the only Western woman in Wat Maheyong in Ayutthaya, Thailand; visiting one of my two teachers: Sri Devamitta Holland (Papa Bhante) ... I'd gone to Thailand to try and find what I thought "I wanted" but I came away to discover that, in actual fact, I received what "I needed"... what I needed to be here, present, in this space and time.

Very often in life, a lot of the frustration and unhappiness we feel, is due to our persistence in fighting off what we need; thinking that what we want is the only path. We can end up feeling like we're constantly banging our head against a brick wall because we can't seem to (or aren't willing to) relinquish control to the Universal Source of all being. 

When what we want clashes with what we need, we claim we have no power of manifestation as everything in our life seems to go wrong... but nothing is going wrong. Everything always unfolds as it is meant to in its own time.

However, when what we want aligns with what we need, manifestation is so quick that we barely have time to catch our breath.

We can't control everything in our lives. Sometimes, we just have to let go and trust ...How can we do that? By taking a moment to gaze up at a magnificent sky ... breathe in ... and let your mind empty ... simply "be" in the moment of here and now because, take it from someone who had a death experience, there is nothing more than now. Love each other peeps

Wednesday, 13 December 2017


When I've made a bride up and seen their eyes swell with the beauty they see in the mirror, I always tell them that it's not the makeup or the hair style that makes them beautiful ... They are already beautiful, I just add a little colour to the, already existing, canvass.

The media would have us believe that beauty depends on how we look, where we live, how we live and how much money we earn ... but that's not beauty ... It's, merely, a false illusion created to keep us in a permanent sense of feeling like something (or a lot) is lacking in our lives. The objective is to make us stay in a system designed to economically enslave us. The weaker and more insecure we feel, the less empowered we are to simply "be" and be happy with what we have, who we are and how we look.

This year, I found it incredibly heart breaking to hear a lovely young bride, in her 30s, say to me that, before me, nobody had ever told her she was beautiful.

For me, beauty comes from all the pain, all the trials and tribulations we've had to overcome in life. Beauty comes from shining a light in the world because you know what it means to suffer and you wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy. Beauty comes from all the scars, all the healed wounds and all the darkness that, as a person, you have had to face, transform and illuminate with your own light. Every wrinkle is beautiful because it's the road map of your incredible life of learning and every struggle you've overcome. Beauty comes from sharing who you are, with others, in a kind and compassionate way with gentleness and grace.

If I've learned one thing in life ... it's that, the people who have suffered the most are the ones who have tremendous amounts of beauty... and that beauty is so real and so incredible, it's like seeing and knowing an Angel... a protector ... a guardian ... Love yourselves beautiful people. You are lacking nothing and you ... yes you reading this, you can honestly move mountains with your beauty.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Conflicts help us learn and grow.

It's not the people we have difficulties with, in life, that need to change; it's our attitude towards them, and the situation, that needs to change... because nobody can change anybody. We all change when we want to, when we're ready to and when we have the strength and courage to do so. Or, when something prompts us to do so - in any area of our lives.

No matter how hard we try and maintain peace in our lives, while we interact with others, there will always be a time of some kind of conflict with someone. It's inevitable. Conflicts are how we learn and grow. Sometimes, conflicts arise because of karmic situations, other people interfering, false rumours and other types of negative energy, which is completely beyond our control... and we can't control the uncontrollable. Everything happens for a reason and that is what we need to accept and analyse.

All we can do, for our own balance and inner peace, is to hold steady on our ground and, instead of adding fuel to the fire; remain still, in silent observation with a great deal of patience and compassion. The storm always passes but our attitude, during it, will make a huge difference between whether everything good will be razed to the ground or if the sun will once again shine and give new light for rebirth.

More often than not, in difficult times, we walk away because it's easier than staying and fighting for what, we know, is just and truthful. We allow pride to get the better of us ... More often than non, we don't give up on people, and situations, because we don't care, we give up because we run out of patience and lose touch with our compassionate side. Love each other peeps. Life really is two minutes and we don't take anything when we check out. So, don't let pride or a lack of patience make you give up. One global love

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Judge me as you will but the truth needs to come out!

For those who you who know me, you will know that I am a migraine sufferer. I have been one, practically, all my life. 
Again, most of you who have known for many years will, also, know that I fell 200 meters off a mountain; while out trekking. I had a near death experience; just to give you an idea of how serious the fall was. During that fall, I must have hit my head several times. As I was too busy floating in this beautiful white, warm, light; feeling peace beyond anything I ever experienced in my entire life, I have no idea how the body fell or what impacts it suffered. I only know that when I came back to the world of the living, I was broken from head to toe with obvious, visible signs like bleeding, lack of mobility etc and many not so obvious, internal, injuries. 
From then on, my migraines have progressively got worse. They have been more aggressive, last for longer periods of time, caused abnormal visual impairment and the loss a second or two, or three, here and there at sporadic intervals. 
After several tests, in 2009, I was diagnosed with a condition known as IIH; idiopathic intracranial hypertension. Idiopathic just means no known cause. The medical world refer to it as a benign brain tumour - begning tumour celebri to be precise. 
Apparently, the condition I have is considerably comparable to Hydrocephalus in so much that I have too much cerebral spinal fluid circulating around my brain. The Villi, or little, water, filter channels, have difficulty draining the fluid at the rate my body is producing it and sending it up to “supposedly” cushion the brain. 
If, and when, I am lucky enough to prevent a migraine from fully developing, I am able to maintain reasonable pressure levels in my cranium, which in a normal migraine sufferer can reach a maximum of between 23 and 27 mmHg (millimeters of mercury - the measure used for intracranial hypertension.) Curiously, it is between 7 - 15 mmHg for a normal (non suffering) person - at rest and laying down. 
When I am not lucky (or quick enough) to prevent a full blown attack, the pressure in my cranium has been known to reach over 40 mmHg, which is a very debilitating in many ways. If the pressure continued to increase, it could be potentially life threatening over a prolonged period of time because, eventually the blood flow to the brain would stop. 
It’s actually very ironic that the brain risks drowning in the very fluid the body produces to protect it.
My, personal, experience has, also, been loss of snippets of memory. I am an ND, doctor of natural medicine, not a conventional doctor, so I cannot scientifically prove the correlation between intracranial hypertension and memory loss but, it makes perfect sense that if a boat is continuously attacks by ravaging waves in a port, the paint will eventually fall off. As it is, we all lose about 200,000 brain cells on a normal day ... so, how many do we or can we lose with a severe migraine attack? ... and how many more with IIH?
The only bandaids, (I call them bandaids because they offer no solution what so ever to the 1 in 300,000 sufferers out there,) conventional medicine offer are:
  1. A shunt, which is a tube that goes from the brain to the stomach to drain the fluid.
  2. Lifetime (addictive) profilaxis - known as preventative medicine that provides no cure.
  3. Regular lumbar punctures. I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy.
I refused the first, took myself off the second by going cold turkey and vowed never to have the third ever again in my life. 
I decided to take the responsibility for my health into my own hands. I studied every form of alternative healing I, possibly, could to find what worked for me and what didn’t. This is why, nowadays, I am a Naturopath and a Holistic Health Therapist (among all the other things.)
I set out on a quest to find a cure that worked for me. It may not work for everyone because sadly no two bodies are the same and never will be. 
By process of elimination, I am now in a position where I have found that, for me personally, what works is: 
Eating only freshly prepared food. No processed, minimum refined and nothing packaged. No fizzy drinks and hardly any alcohol at all.
Reducing stress levels in my life.
Avoiding conflict and conflictual situations.
Walks in nature and sitting quietly in nature.
Regular massage/osteopathy
Yes, I listed Cannabis ... Don’t judge me! I am a person just like you who wants to lead a happy, normal life without losing a day or two, here and there, because the pain is so bad, I, literally, can’t lift my head off the pillow. 
I wrote a book about Cannabis and healing as you all know. My inspiration was losing a friend to cancer but, ironically, through doing a lot of research for my book, I experimented with this amazing medicinal plant and found that it worked for me. 
Since Cannabis relaxes the body, all processes are slowed down. Blood and fluid pressure drop. It slows the production of cerebral spinal fluid, which then reduces the quantity supplied to my cranium, which in turn reduces the intracranial pressure. 
Am I junkie? Nope! I am an addict? Nope! I can take it or leave it with no side effects what so ever - except a migraine. With the prescribed drugs, I was an addict and, like I said earlier, went cold turkey when I stopped taking them - against the advice of my pharmacologist and neurologist. 
Do I smoke cannabis all day? Nope! I found that smoking 1 to 3 joints; depending on size and dosage, which are usually small; ie. the same size as a roll up cigarette, at night before sleep and preferably along with meditation, are sufficient to keep the migraine attacks in check. 
Please keep in mind, this is not medical research. This is only my own personal experience.
Do I get stoned? Nope! ... The only feelings I get are:
  1. A sense of unbelievable peace and feeling of contentment.
  2. Extreme mental clarity - It’s 2am and I am writing this after having used cannabis.
  3. A feeling of truly being in the here and now ... mindful and fully present.
Do I lose control of me or my mind? Nope! You’ve all had some dealing of some sort with me. You’ve interacted with me, you’ve worked with me and you’ve socialised with me. You are perfectly able to make your own minds up. 
As a sideliner, I should add in here that Cannabis doesn’t affect people in the same way. A lot of people might get stoned with one puff. The miracle of Cannabis lies in the dose - too much will get a person stoned, too little won’t cure. It’s a delicate balance, but then isn’t all life, and its force, about balance?
If you want to know exactly how and why Cannabis heals, please read my book “Cannabis and Healing” available from Amazon. I talk about the CBDs found naturally in our bodies and I talk about Cannabis CBDs and the binding that happens to strengthen the immune system. Ironically, I don’t talk about my own condition. Why?
Because of you, out there, who dare to judge me and have judged me in the past. I’ve cared far too much for far too long. My “giving a damn” stops today because today I realise I can help more people by getting the truth out there rather than worrying about what you think. Every week, more and more videos appear on youtube of people, especially young people, who’s lives are being destroyed by this condition and the bandaids available in conventional medicine. 
I have had the privilege of helping a number of people get to a point where they can manage their condition and reduce the number of attacks but, I have never until now, mentioned Cannabis.
To all of you out there who continue to think Cannabis is a drug and that users are druggies ... let me ask you this. How long have you been taking legalised drugs that your doctor will never take you off? How much of a cure does it actually offer and how much does it just mask the symptoms and how much commission do you think they get, in kickbacks, from the pharmaceutical companies? - I don’t dispute that some medication might be essential - but not all!
Also, I ask you this ... if Cannabis was just for druggies and sooooo bad ... why are pharmaceuticals trying to synthesis it? ... and ... might I add, inducing coma or killing participants, in their studies, in the process ... 
When nature is perfectly perfect, made in whatever Gaia or Universal Energy or God’s image you believe in, it is highly humanly arrogant to think that man can improve it.