Friday, 22 December 2017

A few choice thoughts for living a happier life.

Good morning beautiful peeps around the globe ...This morning's reflection: - a few choice thoughts for living a happier life perhaps?

1) Never walk too far away from someone you love;
2) Never leave loose ends. Always start with a clean slate.
3) Never slam a door so hard that you can't ever open it again.
4) Always kiss or hug someone goodbye. You never know if you'll ever see them again.
5) Learn to listen more and if you can't hear anything, read the signs. There are many ways of listening and "subtle listening" is, in itself, an art form.
6) Never lose sight of the light that guides you home; wherever that home may be. If you don't know where home is, for you, follow your heart. Home is where your heart is.
7) Never lose sight of friends - as someone once wrote, they're like stars, we may not always be able to see them but they are there shining brightly in the night sky.
8) Be true to you
9) Always make time to give a little time to others. It may just be time for you but to them it could mean the world.
10) Never expect from others what you're not willing to give. 

Have a beautiful day and may you be happy, feel happy and be surrounded by happiness ... Life is too short for anything less

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