Friday, 15 December 2017

What we want and what we need

Amazing skies last night ... and a random reflection for the day. Two years ago this month, I found myself in Thailand - the only Western woman in Wat Maheyong in Ayutthaya, Thailand; visiting one of my two teachers: Sri Devamitta Holland (Papa Bhante) ... I'd gone to Thailand to try and find what I thought "I wanted" but I came away to discover that, in actual fact, I received what "I needed"... what I needed to be here, present, in this space and time.

Very often in life, a lot of the frustration and unhappiness we feel, is due to our persistence in fighting off what we need; thinking that what we want is the only path. We can end up feeling like we're constantly banging our head against a brick wall because we can't seem to (or aren't willing to) relinquish control to the Universal Source of all being. 

When what we want clashes with what we need, we claim we have no power of manifestation as everything in our life seems to go wrong... but nothing is going wrong. Everything always unfolds as it is meant to in its own time.

However, when what we want aligns with what we need, manifestation is so quick that we barely have time to catch our breath.

We can't control everything in our lives. Sometimes, we just have to let go and trust ...How can we do that? By taking a moment to gaze up at a magnificent sky ... breathe in ... and let your mind empty ... simply "be" in the moment of here and now because, take it from someone who had a death experience, there is nothing more than now. Love each other peeps

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