Sunday, 18 April 2010

Natural Disasters and Nuclear Testing

Far be it from me to be a conspiracy theorist or even one to listen to conspiracy theories. Yet, last year in Nepal I met a very interesting man who, at his own request and for his own safety, shall remain anonymous. He told me that in former years he worked for the US government on top secret projects. At first, I thought he might just be another crack pot conspiracy theorist who’d spent too much time smoking something during the sixties.

Yet, in light of all the recent disasters taking place on a worldwide scale, the stories he told me are beginning to resonate somewhere down in the depth of my inner core. They’re stories that motivated me to question, research and investigate everything around me.

His stories were so vast and so far reaching that I didn’t even know where to begin. The truth of the matter is that, stories, by general consensus, are usually and generally considered fiction. In this particular case, his stories sparked my curiosity and my research findings are beginning to witness fiction as reality.

I now see what I thought was a crackpot conspiracy theorist account of governments and politics being reenacted in the very theatre we call “home” - “our world” - “our planet.” I find myself questioning if I have become yet another crackpot conspiracy theorist, or just someone who is touching on half of the truth we never hear because “the people behind the power” don’t want us to know and well, since we’re so wrapped up on our daily lives, we never really go looking for it.

Since January 2010, there have been earthquakes in Haiti, the Obi islands, Pico Rivera (Mexico - Near California), Turkey, Argentina, Chile, Indonesia and the Tibetan autonomous Region of Kyedudo. There have been flooding and mudslides in Sicily, Brasil, Madeira, Uganda and Eastern India, avalanches in Kohistan, British Colombia and Salang; not to mention the volcanic eruption in Iceland or the unusual climatic conditions the world has seen this year; particularly in Europe.

Is this all mother nature? Are all these events truly the result of natural disasters? Or, has Mother Nature had a helping hand?

We’ve all heard the theories and conspiracy theories about 2012 being the end of the world. Everywhere you look on the Internet, in book stores, on TV documentary channels there’s someone willing to tell you about the apocalypse coming our way. There’s the theory of planet X; otherwise known as Nibiru. There’s the theory of the planets’ alignment. There’s yet another theory of the dawning of the new age of Aquarius, which is linked to the expiration of the Mayan calendar. Nearly everyone who is anyone, or who is someone seeking fortune and fame, has a theory about how the world will come to an end in 2012.

I say quite blatantly and forgive my language if you’re a prude but, “Bullshit.”

Not one theory around today can be proven to be correct nor does any one of them hold up under scientific scrutiny. In my opinion, all the theories out there are quite simply an attempt to shock people, create sensationalism, disseminate fear and control people’s minds, which ultimately, wittingly and/or unwittingly, gives power and control over their behaviour.

We saw the same thing happen with the advent of the year 2000 when everyone said the world was going to end. Everyone was psychologically affected in some way by the Y2K syndrome. Everyone feared something. At the extreme end of the scale, people even died. Some committed suicide. Some religious sects used the Y2K as an excuse to purge people of their entire belongings.

Fear: - Such a small word with such huge consequences. It makes people behave in irrational ways. People filled with fear are people who are easy to control, manipulate and command at will. People who are filled with fear usually obey without a doubt because they forget to reason. Fear invades all rational cognitive processing power. Systems shut down and, like sheep, fear filled people do whatever is demanded of them; no questions asked.

So, perhaps I should reformulate my original question and ask whether Mother Nature has a helping hand in all these Natural disasters to disseminate fear? Or, perhaps the question should be: “Does someone somewhere want us to believe that the end of the world is really coming, by helping to cause these natural disasters?”

I don’t believe in a revengeful God. I’ve been closely monitoring climate changes for a few years now and I don’t believe they are so severe to cause everything that has happened in the last 3 and a half months.

However, something else I have been tracking has lead me to believe there is a new possible and very viable explanation for what has been happening lately: - Nuclear testing.

Many people aren’t aware of this but in 1963, in Moscow, a treaty was signed to ban all nuclear testing unless it was conducted underground. Between 1958 and 1962, the USSR and the US had already conducted at least a dozen nuclear tests in the earth’s upper atmosphere.

In 1996, seventy one nations signed the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) which meant they banned testing in their own territories. However, since the last world war there have been 2000 or more nuclear tests above and below the surface; but predominantly under water.

I quote: -

Since the first nuclear weapons were exploded at the end of the Second World War, more than 2,000 nuclear tests have been carried out predominantly by the five “declared” Nuclear Weapons States, China, France, the United Kingdom, the United States and the former USSR. More than 500 of these were ‘atmospheric tests’ conducted above ground mostly in the ‘50s and ‘60s, after which more than 1,500 were carried out underground....

.... Between 1966 and 1974, France conducted nuclear weapons tests in the atmosphere at the atolls, including 41 nuclear tests and five “safety trials”....

end quote -

Am I missing something here? I thought the treaty banned testing in the atmosphere! If France was in breach of the treaty, then, how many other countries were too?

Even if we wish to overlook this fact, there is one fact we cannot turn a blind eye to. Every nuclear detonation, whether conducted underground (on surface terrain) or under the sea is sufficiently devastating enough to cause of an earthquake. The strength of the earthquake will depend on the strength of the nuclear charge detonated. Worst of all, the earth tremour can be felt for distances up to thousands of miles away from the detonation point.

I quote: -

.... in 1997--that Russia, despite its commitments, conducted a test at Novaya Zemlya. Thus, on August 16, 1997 a seismic signal from the vicinity of Novaya Zemlya registered at 3.2 on the Richter scale--consistent with a very small blast of between 0.1 and 1.0 kiloton, which might indicate scaled-down tests of a warhead primary.

end quote -

My questions here are multiple. As scientists know so much about tectonic plates and seismic fault lines, and as most nuclear scientists are paid by governments, could it be that some earthquakes don’t “JUST” happen?

I’ve posted a link in the resources to a map that pinpoints all the nuclear test sites till 2008, or does it? I mean, we can really only believe half of what we’re told and assume the other half is classified or really not true at all. And, where are the nuclear test reports from 2008 till 2010? More to the point, where are the test sites and why aren’t we being informed about them?

With so much mystery, I’m beginning to wonder what kind of a nuclear charge detonation it would take to cause an Earthquake in Haiti or Obi islands or Tibet? I’m also wondering just how much influence nuclear atmospheric testing has on climate change around the globe?
We know from the tests carried out in French Polynesia that nuclear testing can provoke flooding and landslides. The extent of the damage caused will depend on the amount of radiation exposure from the charge detonated.

I’m not looking at this from a conspiracy point of view but from an economical point of view. Who stands to gain from all these earthquakes?

Will all these disasters serve as a means to reduce the population count? Are they intended to make us live in fear? Will they bring economic growth to the countries or regions that have been affected? After all, money is now travelling from country to country as financial aid is being sent here, there and everywhere.

Or, are they just another way for the few powerful rulers to grow and control even more. Just who stands to gain the most? Pharmaceutical companies, for sure, will benefit more than ever from sales of medicine on a global scale; where their H1N1 vaccine failed. Construction companies will be required to re-build properties. Banks will get a kick-start from interest rates on loans. Economies will change.

A friend of mine quoted a line from a movie to me recently. The line is: “Are you really that naive to think that we live in a democratic world?” - Of course, I don’t believe we do. The true essence of Democracy exists solely for debate among philosophers and Platonic idealists.

However, the very question made me stop and think about whether or not I’m naive enough to believe that all these natural disasters really are natural.

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Friday, 16 April 2010

URGENT EMERGENCY APPEAL - Kyekudo (Yushu) Earthquake

- From the Tibet Foundation -

You may have already heard the sad news of the devastating earthquake (a 6.9 magnitude) this morning at 07.49 (23.49 GMT) in Yushu (Kyedudo in Tibetan) in the northwest Province of Qinghai. This news has been widely broadcast on Chinese television and by the BBC.

Yushu County is 800km (500 miles) southwest of the provincial capital Xining. It borders the Tibet Autonomous Region in the west and Kandze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in the east.

Having worked in this region in the past, Tibet Foundation is familiar with the area and is already in contact with local people and local authorities. Ninety percent of the population there is ethnic Tibetan. The area is one of the poorest and remotest regions in the country with very inadequate communication and infrastructure.

The powerful tremor struck around 8 am local time followed by several other quakes, destroying or damaging almost all the houses, also school buildings, medical clinics and hospitals in the county capital, Kyekudo. Information regarding nearby areas is not available at the moment due to landslides and the breakdown of telecommunications. The official report of casualties states that some 400 are dead and thousands more injured. The unofficial and unconfirmed news from local people is three times greater than this.

The Chinese government has a good record of responding efficiently to such emergencies. The government and the Chinese Red Cross have already sent officials to assess the situation. Due to the remoteness of the region and poor infrastructure it could be a very challenging task.

We are directly in touch with some local people and local officers, and the Foundation representative in the nearby Kandze Prefecture is coordinating our assessment of the situation. Your help is most urgently needed for the Tibetans in the region. Whatever support you can give towards immediate assistance for medicine, clothing and food, and also long-term support for rebuilding schools and health clinics, would be very much appreciated. All funds raised by Tibet Foundation will go immediately to the people in need with no intermediary agencies.

Please, we urgently request you to help the Tibetans in Kyekudo affected by this devastating earthquake. We assure you that whatever amount you can offer, however large or small, will go directly to assisting the people in Kyekudo.



Send your cheque made payable to Tibet Foundation (Yushu Earthquake) to Tibet Foundation, 2. St. James’s Market, London, SW1Y 4SB, UK

The Earthquake in Tibet Appeal

Earthquake in Tibet: Emergency Appeal
Please help Tibetans in the quake area, donate to Tibet Relief Fund's emergency Yushu Appeal here

14 April: An earthquake has devastated the Tibetan county of Yushu, in a remote mountainous area of Qinghai province on the border of the Tibetan Autonomous Region. Initial news reports indicated at least 300 people have been killed with more than 8,000 injured. It is now feared the final death toll could be more than 2,000.

Click here to Donate to an official Body - The Tibet Relief Fund

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Are Pharmaceutical Companies all about the money?

I am sorry for the delay in getting this next article out for everyone but I’ve been busy volunteering on the island of Madeira since the freak flood of the 20th February.

On my last post, about the adverse effects of a vaccine called Gardasil, a friend of mine in Facebook, posed a very good question. He asked if the motive behind pharmaceutical companies injecting people with vaccines that are potentially harmful to human beings, or that haven’t been sufficiently tested under clinical conditions, was purely monetary.

My immediate response was to say yes. Money equals power. Power equals control. Control is the basis all politics and all governments are founded on.

Personally, I see pharmaceutical companies making billions and billions of dollars a year in profits from people’s malaise; no longer with the good intentions of helping people, but by actually being a part of the cause; in order to guarantee “long term” sales of their products. The way I see it is, it’s not in Pharmaceutical companies’ nor Governments’ best interest to have entire populations of healthy individuals. Why?

Well, there are actually a lot of factors at play here in a chain of events that are all related and interconnected with one another.

Governments (Politicians)

Pharmaceutical Companies


Health officials (Including all Health establishments)



Work Places

Working from the highest to the lowest, at the top of the food chain, we have governments who profit the most from our illnesses. They gain money from the pharmaceutical companies by way of campaign donations (at least in the USA.) They gain money by way of taxes - ours, the pharmaceutical companies and those of their employees - and they gain money via health insurance policies or national health contributions.

Second in the chain, and just under governments, are the pharmaceutical companies who, as we all know, make enormous profits from our discomforts. The more we have wrong with us, the more products they can potentially sell us.

Underneath them, I’ve put Health officials including all health establishments, because they are next in the food chain. They are usually our first point of contact when we’re not feeling well. Naturally, we go to our doctor or we end up in hospital. However, as I mentioned in my last report, in a lot of countries doctors and health establishments get kick backs (commissions) from pharmaceutical companies for prescribing their drugs.

Underneath Health officials I’ve put Universities. It’s natural that, the more patients there are in the world, the greater the demand is for health officials. Education and training are of the essence. We also need to remember that universities are responsible for a great deal of research that takes place. Hence, universities stand to financially gain from illness as well.

A lot of university research is either government funded or funded by pharmaceutical companies, but since one is in bed with the other (so to speak) it’s hard to tell where the money is ultimately coming from.

However, there is a a reverse side to every coin. The reality is, there aren’t enough placements at universities to cater for everyone. So, in a twisted way, it’s actually convenient to have fewer candidates. This leads me into the next category on the chain: the workforce.

With a third (or whatever percentage it may be) of the population unable to work, present employees can continue to work for a longer number of years. The retirement age has already being extended; at least in some countries.

On another level, it also means the status quo of things doesn’t have to be altered. This is greatly beneficial for those who are in high power jobs or in Scale A jobs; higher up the Socio-political Economical chain. Potentially, they can’t be challenged or so they think. The key players are in place and will continue to be there until they have had sufficient time to train a whole new team to replace themselves accordingly.

You may be thinking that it costs governments more to have someone unemployed, but does it? Some countries pay sick benefits or unemployment benefits and other don’t. Whatever they do pay, if they pay, is recovered in many ways as explained above.

Since there are a lack of jobs around the world, at this present time, it seems very convenient to have a percentage of people unemployed through some form of illness; especially certain age groups. Furthermore, since the world economy has slowed down considerably over the last couple of years, it also seems very convenient to give it a boost through extra worldwide sales of pharmaceutics.

However, since the EU parliamentary commission did take the pharmaceutical companies to court over the H1N1 vaccine, we might assume here that not all countries were behind the swine flu vaccine scam.

However, there could be two underlying reasons why, at least Merck, are desperate to sell their vaccines. In 2009, it was announced - I quote -

Merck and the Wellcome Trust will initially put up equal cash contributions — a total of $130 million over the next seven years.

Other funding could come from grants for specific projects, donations from governments and charities, or investments and licensing fees from for-profit pharmaceutical or biotech companies, said Merck spokeswoman Amy Rose. - End quote -
These funds have to come from somewhere.

This leads me to a very interesting fact that I came across on the Internet; donation records from Merck’s CEO to the Republican Senatorial and Congressional campaigns between 2006 and 2008.

Merck, Pfizer Inc and Sanofi Aventis US, three major names in Pharmaceuticals, still Patron Mary Pallin and her Gala events, as well as various other Republican events. It’s funny to also note how Merck’s income from US federal contracts has sky-rocketed since their contributions to the republican campaigns. You can see for yourself by following the link provided in the resources and further reading section.

I think it would be safe to assume and draw the conclusion here that, on the basis of these facts, both the US Senate and Congress, therefore, fully condone pharmaceutical companies’ actions.

My friend (on Facebook) also wondered if there was some darker, deeper, sinister element at play; like trying to wipe out half the world’s population. I’m less likely inclined to believe that. It’s far more profitable to make people suffer, on a long term basis, than to have them (putting it bluntly) die in the short term. Although, this too may have some advantages.

Let’s explore this in a little more detail:

Most vaccine manufacturers use substances like: Polysorbate 80 (also known as Tween 80) - As I’ve already explained, and it’s a well documented fact, it’s an infertility substance. Governments know this. The FDA knows this. We can, therefore, assume that its use in vaccines could be threefold:

To control the population count. As we have all heard, the world is getting over-crowded. So, somebody somewhere has decided we need to slow our growth down a bit. Instead of enforcing a child number policy per family, (like China or Tibet), which, let’s face it, most countries wouldn’t accept, governments happily let us be injected with something that might help solve the problem quietly. That way, there’s no need for social reform, no new legislations, no referendums, no social unrest and well, what the public doesn’t know can’t hurt them.

To subsequently provide future fertility treatments to infertile couples who want to have a child. As I mentioned in an earlier article, at between 2,000 to 5,000 US dollars per treatment, the pharmaceutical companies stand to gain tremendous wealth. If we examine it a little closer, it’s also another way of controlling the population count. Since it is such an expensive treatment, and not always successful, many couples wouldn’t be able to afford it. So, eventually, just the act of having a child would become a luxury for those who are financially better off.

To ensure that some of the millions of orphans around the globe find parents willing to adopt them. That’s not such a bad thing, right? Except that, most major adoption agencies are government organisations (or affiliates thereof,) and if they’re not, you can rest assured governments around the world are trying to shut them down. So, from a cynical point of view, is this another way of redirecting more money into government funds? - Also, adoptions come with a high price tag. So, one has to question whether even adopting a child is, or will solely be, for the financially privileged. Are children really being thought of, or would this just be another form of legalised human commerce?

A lot of pharmaceutical companies are using substances like Mercury, Thimerosal, Aluminum and its derivatives. None of these have ever been proven safe for human

With the ever increasing number of people getting better health education and turning to alternative methods of Health Management, such as: Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Holistic Nutrition, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Tibetan Medicine, Aromatherapy and an in-exhaustive list too great to mention here, it’s fair to say the pharmaceutical market suffered losses.

These same pharmaceutical companies have tried to ban natural supplements on a worldwide scale. They have tried to shut down, discredit and ban natural health remedies and all kinds of Natural Health Specialists. We should be asking the question; why?

If this doesn’t prove that it’s all about the money and the politics; nothing does. Don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself. I am not showing you anything that isn’t public intellectual property and readily available out there.

Resources and further reading:

Monday, 12 April 2010

From the flowering Udumpara - whoever he or she may be ...

I received this email and though it was beautiful ... so, I'm sharing it.

Dear Chinese Government,

I am the voice you wish to silence. I am the one who exists in this lifetime, yet speaks from the spirit of ages. I am the one you should fear. For I am the one who will keep the fire of life burning in the hearts of my people.

Although I may seem like a mere mortal in this lifetime, I am the soul of centuries. I am the fire from the flame that never dies.

I have lived through wars and famines. I have watched as all life ceased and started again. I have watched in silence as man killed man. I cried tears of lotus leaves when you tore the heart out of he who dared to carry my name but not relinquish his people.

I have returned for the love of my people. You know this and I know this. You cannot kill me. I am everywhere. I speak through the voice and with the voice of millions.

The very core of my heart grows stronger every day as I learn more; as does the love I share with those who call to me.

I hear the cries of those you hold in chains. I feel the pain of those you beat because they yield not to your will. I know the burial grounds of every corpse you have violated. Yet, you cannot kill me. Your time has come. Relinquish. The wind has changed. You know it and I know it. The tide has turned. You know it and I know it.

My people are already free. You know it and I know it. You cannot bound that which you do not possess; that which you cannot possess. You know it and I know it.

Freedom is relative. Spirit is free. The heart is free. The will is free. Land is a matter of material convention. Politics are a mere dispute to justify gross salaries and inflated egos.

I am the prediction. I am the prophecy. I am the flower you wish to deny. I am the beginning, I am the end and I am the middle ground. I see all. I hear all. I feel all.

You cannot kill me for I am eternity, but if you wish to know my name; you may call me hope.

The flowering Udumpara
Watching over Tibetans everywhere

Friday, 2 April 2010

Good Friday - The Spirit of Christ

Today sees the end of what is traditionally known as “Good Friday.”

In Christian tradition, Good Friday is the day the crucifixion of Jesus Christ is remembered, as is his resurrection. In many countries, it’s also tradition to reenact the Via Crucis (also known as the Via Dolorosa or the 14 stations of the cross.)

Along his path to his crucifixion Christ encountered good people who did good deeds. The two most renowned are Simon helping him to carry his cross and Veronica wiping his face. Let’s not forget that Christ’s death and resurrection, in Christian tradition, represents hope for salvation.

Here in Madeira for one group of people, and for one family in particular, it certainly was a Good Friday in terms of good deeds. It was a day when people came together to truly give life to the meaning of the spirit of Christ.

In their own way, one small group of volunteers gave hope and ignited a little light for salvation in the hearts of a family who became homeless after the freak flood of the 20th February 2010: a single mother and her two young children, who have been living in rented accommodation for 6 weeks now, because their house filled with mud and became inhabitable.

Today, on this special day of good deeds, this group of volunteers gave up their free time; precious time with their loved ones and their friends to clean up the mud filled house. Some even brought their friends along to the locality in Curral das Freiras.

They worked all day. They worked in the blazing sun. They walked up and down the side of a mountain countless times. They didn’t take a lunch break. They were called communists for working on a day when everyone else wasn’t working. They were called sinners for working on a Holy day. Yet, they sang, cleaned up mud, laughed and carried on giving hope to a lady and her two children who are desperately trying to get their lives back.

I was one of the volunteers. I watched the lady of the house’s motivation and enthusiasm grow with every inch of mud that was being removed. I saw the light at the end of the tunnel shine in her eyes. Her glimpse of salvation from doom and gloom was to know she wasn’t alone in her plight. We were there for her and with her.

I’m not a Catholic, but surely that is the true spirit of Christ, and it reassures me to know there are still human beings on this earth willing to give their time and their energy to help perfect strangers; no matter what the time or the day.