Monday, 14 January 2019

From the Udumbara - Dear Chinese Givernments

Dear Chinese Government,

I think I mentioned before, I have been to China on different occasions. I worked in your beautiful country. I lived among your kind people. Their humility and kindness is what struck me the most. Although I saw some things I might not agree with or like, I respect that China has always been a world of its own. I mean that in a respectful way - a way that can only admire how your people have managed to remain (almost) untouched by some of the less admirable qualities of the Western world. Your cultural traditions and spiritual, wisdom filled, values are what the West has always admired.

Forgive me if I say so but when I was in Tibet, I noticed that you dress up Chinese girls, in Tibetan clothes, and then parade them at strategic shops to sell replicated Tibetan products. Why would you need to do so?

It seems, to me, that if you joined forces with the Tibetan people and allowed them all the rights of Chinese citizens, you would find they would sell their goods faster than you might ever expect.

I do recall from my days in China that one of your previous governments decided to introduce capitalism into your communist regime. You discovered there was more profit in semi privatising (or incentivising) your previously government held businesses. I do believe that since that genius policy, your gross home production percentages sky rocketted; allowing you to become of the strongest economic countries in the world.

You could have that with the Tibetan people. Think about it. You allow them to produce and sell their products for a percentage plus, of course, the normal business taxes you apply to your people. Of course, there is a law in Italy that excludes artesans from paying taxes because they don’t have factories nor mass produce. Maybe in the future, you might consider opening a factory for them.

Have you ever watched the way Tibetan people sell. Well, in fact, they almost don’t need to even try to sell you anything. Their energy, theirs smiles and their inner beauty shines so bright, one can’t help but buy. They could be very beneficial to you as allies.

Remember, energy (or our spirit) is the one thing that cannot be purchased.

While we’re on the subject of Tibetan citizens in Tibet, which is now considered your territory, I have the perfect solution for you to hand back the Autonomous Region of Tibet to His Holiness the Dalai Lama before he passes away. So that he may, at least, be buried on his home soil.

Just imagine, for a moment, that that is his secret wish. Can you imagine international press? You’d become heroes over night. You’d be in every magazine and paper, on every news channel and every radio channel. I’m sure people around the world would love you and buy more of your products.

I can just see the Headlines now: “China gives back Tibet to the Dalai Lama” - subtitle: “It’s history in the making.” - and, you, the current leaders of the Chinese Government would go down in history as the new Global superheroes.

Personally, I think it would be a fare payback for the money you have cashed in with tourism to Tibet. His Holiness has been your major advertiser and hasn’t charged a penny for it. He brought and continues to bring tourism but just think how much more tourism you would generate if genuine Tibetans lived in Lhasa!

It’s not a crime to cash in such vast amounts of money on spirituality markets but for people, in your country, I know that being the bigger person of the two is very important.

However, it is a crime to let any Dalai Lama, and please remember that he is a reincarnation of all the previous Dalai Lamas, do such work in order for people, like myself, to be deceived by the inauthenticity, of the country, through the lack of genuine Tibetan food, people and warmth. Most of all, I missed seeing monks walking around in their robes. It also broke my heart to witness a very elderly gentleman be persecuted and intimidated by a policeman on a motorcycle.

I shan’t mention the military convoys running through the centre of Lhasa. I am hoping it was just a test mission for something. I think I still have the video of it somewhere. I’ve never made it public on the Internet because I believed you would change and become the heroes in this tragic “modern day” Illiad. Call me a romantic but I still believe that heroes always win.

I forgive the fact that my room was tapped and my movements were monitored. In fact, I am grateful for it because you taught me energetic frequencies used by spy devises and/or when someone is surveilling us. Yes, I can read energy. It is my nature. I still plan to come to China to study Qigong with one of your Great Masters. I owe everything to them. Even those I have never met have been my teachers. I bow in reverence to them.

Dear Politicians in China, there is no need for any more fighting or bickering. The War is over. My appearance on this Earth signifies the New Buddha is coming. It’s only a matter of time before it shall be known. Not even you can prevent this prophecy.

So why not stop now. Someone has to stop. I choose to stop here and tell you, I shall never post the video footage I took in Lhasa because my faith in you continues.

I love China because it is authentic away from the facades of Western influence. I would have re-visited Tibet if I’d had a real taste of it and its people, and if I’d be allowed, one day, to access the Sichuan province and drive up by car.

As the Udumbara, it is my secret wish to see all people living in harmony. When we live in harmony, there is no taking sides. Enemies become friends and everyone benefits from the wealth of knowledge and resources shared.

It’s time to lay down the sword and become the wise China you have always been known for through your ancient texts, maritime abilities, your architecture and much much more.

You are more than capable of striking a deal with His Holiness the Dalai Lama but should you need any help, I would be happy to be the mediator of your new “Autonomous Region of Tibet Agreement!” - The press might call it the “China has a Heart Agreement!”