Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Love is like the sea ...

All of us feel and talk about love in different ways - possibly because there are many types of love and interpretations of love in the world. No doubt that, even though we may share common views, love will have as many meanings as there are people in the world because everyone experiences it differently. Yet ... Many may agree that we only realise the depth of love when we get lost in its sea-like expansiveness, and therein, find that love is, in fact, like water. It has no beginning and no end. It is just one continuous movement towards the shore. It's like a dance ... the dance of Neroids

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Trust in Love ...

No matter how far we travel in life; spiritually, physically or emotionally - eventually, everything comes full circle and we find ourselves right back where we started - albeit a little older and wiser (one hopes.) In our quest for growth (as individuals and as communities), we need to let cycles come to their natural end and allow new ones to freely begin.

When everything, finally, makes perfect sense we no longer feel sorrow, nor anger nor regret. We leave behind fears, doubts and insecurities. Like a snake, we shed our old skin so a new one can take its place. We drop the masks that have served to protect us and we surrender the need to be, constantly, defensive. When we do that, we have no reason to fight each other for anything because when all negative energies are cleared, all that remains is pure, unconditional, love and kindness, gratitude and compassion ...

We realise that everything we have been through and everyone we have ever encountered brought us to where we are now ... and where we are now is exactly where we're meant to be.

From here, with no more mental, emotional or spiritual chains to bind us, we can only move forward.

Where this new cycle will take us - nobody knows - but with such an unconditional trust in love, anywhere will be just perfect because it is meant to be

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Beliefs change

Life changes, circumstances change, we change and our beliefs have to change accordingly.

We shouldn't attach ourselves to whatever beliefs we have in our minds, at this very moment, because they mean nothing. The very second something happens that makes us re-think and re-evaluate what’s in our minds, new beliefs are formed and what we clung so tightly to, yesterday, is now history.

This is how we evolve and grow - through our ever changing and (hopefully) ever improving belief system. Never cling to any belief so rigidly that you close your minds off to new information, new potential and new opportunity coming your way.

Keeping an open mind is like saying yes to life and telling the Universe that you are ready, and willing, to receive whatever is coming your way. One global love <3 span="">

Stop hurting each other

Only when we experience something, can we truly understand, appreciate and learn from its complete opposite counterpart. For example, if we feel intense sorrow, we will learn how to appreciate and create happiness around us; not just for ourselves but for those close to us.

Only when we know the deep emptiness of real loss can we fully appreciate life in all its fragility. Only when we experience the deepest of pain do we try and alleviate it for ourselves and those around us. Only when we know what it means to really suffer do we try and shield others, around us, from it. 

Only when we see, and feel, how our behaviour hurts another, and we truly understand the pain attached to that hurt because we see ourselves reflected in the other, do we stop hurting each other once and for all. That is when we start living in our true bright eternal light of Divine connection. Love each other peeps ... Life really is far too short