Friday, 27 May 2011

Through my eyes ...

See the world through my eyes.
It’s our world. It’s yours and it’s mine. It’s ours. It belongs to everyone.
We spend so much time and energy trying to own a piece of this world, but it’s only ours on loan. We are only here for a short time.
We’re just passing through on this journey called life.
When we die, we take nothing from this world, so nothing is ours to own.
Yet if we kill this world, we and future generations will have nowhere to call home.
The real beauty of this world costs nothing.
It’s free for all of us everywhere.
It doesn’t matter what colour your skin is. It doesn’t matter whether you’re tall or short. It doesn’t even matter what language you speak.
From London to Bahrain, from Paris to Baghdad, from Lisbon to Kathmandu and Tunisia to Tibet, we are one people under one sun, under one sky; living in this world.
We all cry the same way. We all suffer the same way and we all know what it feels like to fear something.
We are not different to one another.
In my world we can live in peace together and share this beautiful world, which is yours and mine.