Thursday, 21 December 2017

One moment of Heaven is worth walking through hell for.

Good morning beautiful peeps <3 span=""> ... and so the journey continues ... Morning reflection with another musical creation of mine ... After years of nothing, it would seem the flood gates of creativity have finally opened up again ... 

In life, each and every one of us has a path to follow. Some of us have a clear idea of what we want and where we're headed. Some may methodically map their journey out. The rest of us may just be winging it; allowing the Universe to play its part ... But, even when, or if, we think we have an idea of the destination, we never fully know where life will lead us because things happen and everything, in life, is subject to change ... and so the journey continues ... 

Sometimes, we may deviate from our path. We may even get lost or fall into a well so deep that getting out is one of the hardest, and most painful, inner struggles we may have ever had to face. But, from experience, I know that sooner, or later, life has a way of shining a light so bright, to guide us back to the path, that we will be faced with two choices; to stay in the well and give up. Or, to start to painstakingly climb our way out - no matter what.

On our way back onto our path, we may be faced with challenges beyond anything we could ever imagine. People and events will be sent to try and block our way or, worse still, try and push us back down into the well. It almost feels like the Universe is putting our courage to face life, our inner strength, resolution and determination to the test.

It's only when we finally stand, once again, on "terra ferma" (steady ground,) face the beautiful rays of the sun and allow it's warmth to peacefully embrace us that we realise, it was worth enduring every piercing sword. In order to fully appreciate beauty, sometimes we have to go through hell and back.
Trust me .... One moment of heaven is well worth walking through hell for ...

Have a very blessed day ... and remember, nothing in life is permanent and we all have the same inner strength to overcome any, and all challenges. What matters is our attitude towards the challenges.

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