Wednesday, 20 December 2017

The Hawk Spirit

Good morning beautiful peeps around the globe .... The daily reflection ...

So few times, in life, time actually stands so completely still that nothing else exists outside that moment. Even though it may be one fleeting moment in time, by the standards of conventional time, there is, actually, no feeling of any time or space at all. Everything just “is.” Everything is in perfect balance, at one and completely at peace. Although it may only last one brief temporal moment, it is etched for eternity in the mind's eye. Appreciate such moments because they are so very precious and rare. Have a great day everyone

On another note, I love all kinds of birds but my favourite is definitely the "Hawk." The sheer exquisiteness and beauty of this creature is in its ability to see everything; and I mean everything. Even when it's looking away from you, it sees everything, every moving object, every detail around it. The field of vision of this magnificent creature is outstanding. It's almost like it has eyes in the back of its head because even with its back to you ... it sees ... But, its most incredible feature is that "especially" when you think it's not looking ... is precisely when it's observing the most.
The native Americans consider it a very powerful shamanic animal spirit to have precisely for its capacity of depth and span of vision plus detailed observance. It's considered the all powerful "seeing eye" of everything. Hunters, Medicine Peoples and Spiritual guides were thought to have this animal spirit, which gave them great insight that would benefit their quests. It can only be compared to the all-seeing eye of Ra.

In the true teachings of the Tantra ... it is believed that ... when you know someone's animal spirit, you truly know them ... on levels that go far beyond anything obvious ...

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