Monday, 18 December 2017

Speech, Body language and Energy

Good afternoon beautiful world ... A reflection for the day ... An Italian writer, Luigi Pirandello once wrote: "We are all one, nobody and 100,000" - and he was right.

Society identifies us by the name we're given. It also defines us by the roles we play in said society. Society's tendency is to put us in pigeon holes and when we deviate from the "expected cliché stereotype," society doesn't know where to put us and, to a degree, puts us at bay - on the outskirts until it can figure out which category to put us in.

Yet, names and labels are not what define us. How we dress does not define us. How, and where, we live does not define us. We are not defined by the colour of our skin nor by the ever evolving belief system we have, which in a state of growth is in permanent change.
To a degree, in this world of duality where we reside, what we say and how we choose to behave does project in some way who we are and what we stand for. Yet, verbally and physically, we can project any message we want to. As creators of thoughts, any thought our mind creates can, and usually does, manifest in our body language or in our speech, and that would be enough for every day interactions since most of us wouldn't notice any inconsistencies between speech and behaviour - because that is what we've all been taught to focus on. Of course, like all animals though, we are prone to, also, acting out of instinct.

In reality, though, whether we are acting out of pure mindfulness or instinct, there is much more at play here than just speech and body language. In all interactions, the energy exchanged, is of fundamental importance.

With extreme control of one's mind, emotions and reactions, a human being can wittingly transmit carefully crafted messages, which may (or may not) reflect the energetic reality; except perhaps when we allow our reactions to be quicker than our thoughts and act out of spontaneity. But, unfortunately, for most of us - unless we're a spiritual guru, highly enlightened, highly trained military personnel or some kind of Shaman - absolute control of one's mind is ... well ... a long way off, and so is understanding someone else who may use this frigging amazingly intelligent art form. Sorry to admire it, but it is so precise and so methodical and so disciplined, I stand in awe before it. It's pure cognitive genius.

Or, perhaps I'm getting too excited, and all we need in reality, to be that highly attuned, is just to be simultaneously broadcasting and receiving on the exact same energetic vibration frequency.

In my humble opinion, it's only when we see discrepancies between speech, body language and energy transmitted that we really start looking beyond the use of our "eyes." We enter into the very essence of another being - their soul - where there is only authenticity and, therefore, true identity, which (knowingly or unknowingly) we all project from our inner being. Only those who pause for long enough can truly see it - and therefore see you in your entirety -

As a friend said recently: - "It is at once something and everything at the same time."
Love each other peeps. Have a great week

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