Friday, 29 December 2017

New Year's Resolutions

Good morning beautiful world ... All I'm hearing lately is people asking: "What New Year's resolutions are you going to make?" - Me? - Very simple - "None" - I'm not a great believer in resolutions made on the 1st January that, being optimistic, are broken already by the 25th. If I'm realistic, I should say broken by the 3rd!!!

I am more of the opinion that we should change our lives, or aspects thereof, when we feel the time is right to do so - and without hesitation. The moment we decide should be the moment of change. If we dilly dally between deciding and changing, we'll probably end up doing nothing. 

However, if we want to use the popular cultural tradition of making resolutions for the new year, then why don't we make them in December? ... That's usually when I make mine if I make any at all.

The way I see it is ... No matter how frigging terrible and difficult the year has been, we can all choose to end it on a positive note and, thereby, really go into the new year as we mean to continue throughout the year. An end of year shift from negative energy to a positive attitude sets the tone for the coming year. It restores hope and creates a new outlook of optimism... (and as I write this ... my phone just beeped ... only for me to see 11:11 on its clock ... if that's not a sign, then nothing is) ...

Point is ... we are all more likely to keep promises we make to ourselves, and stick to changes in our lives, when we do them because we want to and when we feel the time is right to do so ... and not because we're under pressure, to do so, by some popular cultural tradition.

What changes will you be implementing in your life?

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