Monday, 26 November 2007

How to overcome fear

In a continuum from last Thursday’s topic of conversation on the Mind, Body & Soul show at Real Coaching Radio about the “I’m not good enough” syndrome and how it holds us back in life, this week Host Coach Steve Toth and myself, Co-Host Dtª Venerina Conti, talked about the subject of “Fear”.

What is fear? How many types of fears are there? What are you afraid of? How do you deal with your fears? How are you held back by your fears? How can you overcome them and finally achieve what really matters to you.

Did you know that fear is one of the biggest killers in the world? According to an American study, carried out some time ago, 80% of people who were bitten by snakes did not die through the presence of venom in their system. Rather, they died from elevated quantities of adrenalin that caused them to suffer a heart attack.

There are many types of fear. Fear of aging, fear of death, fear of failure, failure of not getting the desired job, fear of success, fear of losing control, fear of not seeming appropriate, fear of not fitting in, fear of rejection and fear of losing love among others. There is even such a state as fear of fear.

The question is how does one judge failure and success? How do you judge it and subsequently how do you judge yourself because of it?

If you ceased to judge yourself negatively and stopped having negative internal dialogues with yourself and just took a quiet moment to search inside, you may find that almost all of your fears are just states of mind that you have created and turned into your own reality.

However, if you scratch past the surface and delve deeper in your inner being, you will probably find that most of your fears have no real foundations nor can they really be justified.

Listen in to our broadcast on the Real Coaching Radio widget and find out how you can begin to look at your fears, acknowledge them and finally learn to let go of them.

Namaste and have a wonderful week

Venerina and Coach Steve

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