Thursday, 13 September 2007

Live Show - Mind, Body and Soul

Well Ladies and Gentleman, Real Coaching Radio is proud to announce that the first Trans-Atlantic, International Show- Mind, Body & Soul, Social Broadcastingwas today , Thursday 13th September at 3pm GMT.

Despite initial technical hiccups, which we apologise for but they were totally beyond our control, the show ran smoothly and has already received tremendous positive feedback globally.

Host Coach Steve and myself, Co-Host Venerina, started off by introducing ourselves to our listeners so they could learn a little bit more about us.

We then went on to give the listeners an insight into how the Law of Attraction or the really work with a practical example of how Coach Steve and I met. We talked about how circumstances brought us together, not through just putting out thoughts in to the Universe and waiting for something to happen but by practical input, strategic moving on our behalf and most of all our connection to others.

Thinking and wanting something, alone, is not enough to, actually, achieve it. Although positive mental attitude is a necessity for facing adversities in a productive way. It alone is not enough either. Some sort of action is needed on our behalf.

We somehow need to set the wheels in motion to get the ball rolling. Now that can be anything from talking to someone else, letting others know what your goals, desires and dreams are. It may be taking the small, initial, steps that will drive you a little closer to your desired goal. It may be just connecting with others.

One thing I have learnt, for sure, in life is that you can never know enough people. Remember that people know people who in turn know other people and sometimes, in fact more often than not, it is not what you know but who know.

The questions we addressed that we are attempting to get our listeners to think about are: “Do you tend to your soul enough”?, “Just how positive are you”?, “What do you value the most in life”?, “Are you following a path with heart”?

Real Coaching RadioMost of all: “What happens when you have achieved everything there is to achieve”?, or as Steve put it: “What’s next”?

If you have any answers for us or if you would like to share your experiences with us, we would dearly love to hear from you.

So please, leave your comments, call the show or come and chat with us. We will be live every Thursday afternoon between 3 and 4pm GMT on Real Coaching Radio.

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