Thursday, 25 October 2007

How do you find your passion in life?

Good Afternoon to all,

It is so good to be back at Real Coaching Radio. If you were listening to the show, you may have heard that I just spent 3 weeks in a Holistic Retreat in Sicily recharging my batteries. It was truly a slice of Paradise.

From next year, in collaboration with Real Coaching Radio, myself, Drª Venerina Conti and Coach Steve Toth are going to be organising some spiritual/Motivational/Personal Growth events. If anyone wants to see what I was waking up to everyday and get a feel for the place, then please check out this website:

If you are interested in taking part in any of the events we will be organising there, in 2008 or 2009, then please do not hesitate to contact Coach Steve Toth or myself Drª Venerina Conti.

First of all, we would like to apologise to the people in the chat room during the live broadcast. Due to technical problems, we were unable to use the chat facilities and answer your questions there.

Today’s topic at Real Coaching Radio was: “How does a person find their passion in life”.

The leading questions posed were:

Why do people give up on their dreams early on in life?
Why are people so unwilling to look inside themselves?
Why do people sell out?
What is the cost of giving up on personal passions?
Where does the motivation come from to follow a passion?
Why are people afraid to come out of their comfort zones?
Why do people become resigned and cynical?
How can people turn negative into positive and use sexual energy in a Creative way?

Some of the answers addressed issues like parental influences, societal stereotyping, desire of seeking fame and glory and pressing financial demands, people find themselves in, along with people’s own fears that limit their potential for growth.

People sell out for all kinds of reasons. The essential thing is to recognize the reason and confront it. People can make up all kinds of excuses like no time, no money, no energy but the truth is that we are responsible for the world we create around us. Our thoughts and actions are what make up our world.

He who has no time will make it for what he believes in. He who has no money will find a way of making it if it means realising his dreams and he who has no energy can learn to create it. There are no real excuses. They are shadows we cast over ourselves in order to hide our lack of will and our fears.

He who wants something will always find a way to achieve it or someone that can help him learn how to achieve it. Life is about moving out of your comfort zone and taking risks and as Brian Tracey said: “What’s the worst that could happen?”. Keep answering that question and you’ll find there is no worst that could ever possibly happen.

Ultimately though, the only way you can find your passion in life is by asking yourself the question: “Am I truly happy”?. If the answer is: “No”, then you should look inside yourself for the answer as to why you are not. Is it the job?, Is it a relationship?, Is it the general circumstances in your life? Then think back to a time when you were happy and think about what use to make you happy at that time. Attempt to find out what you were doing then that is now missing in your life.

Meditation is an excellent means to connecting with the self and making self discoveries that have previously been suppressed or ignored. When we stand outside the issue, we can see it more clearly.

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