Thursday, 17 January 2008

Farewell and thank you

Dear friends and listeners,

It is with regret that today I have to break the news that, due to my life commitments and external circumstances, I am no longer able to collaborate with Real Coaching Radio and Coach Steve Toth as Co-Host of the International Mind, Body and Soul show.

This is a year of major change for me. For starters, I have now entered the countdown phase of leaving my adopted home and beautiful island of tranquility (Madeira) in exchange for opening the Holistic Retreat in Sicily. The move requires a lot of planning and a lot of trips off the island, since I have belongings here and in the UK that need to be packed and shipped. The logistics are already taking their toll.

In addition to this, I am focusing a lot of time and energy in promoting the retreat, as you can all appreciate, it is hard enough to get an Internet business running let alone how very time consuming it is to get a new physical business off the ground and there are some areas of the development that are going through the construction phase, which requires my presence. (More trips off the island).

As if this wasn’t enough, I am still in the phase of finishing writing my books and my Masters Degree. For the latter, I have to start writing my Thesis, which is also in book format. The research alone requires enormous amounts of my time.

I have very much enjoyed my time spent at Real Coaching Radio and thank Coach Steve for letting me run riot in his show. My thanks to my friends at TGAMM as well for their support.

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