Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Power to Transform is Yours!

99% of the time, what we believe is the product of other people's beliefs. Our entire belief system is based on beliefs our families have, the type of education we receive, the culture we find ourselves immersed in, the role we play in society and what is expected of us within that role.
Clinging too rigidly to beliefs can hold us back in life. It can stop us from progressing. It can prevent us from following our dreams. It can also stop us from understanding others who are different to us. 
In order to understand others, communicate more effectively and aim for a world where there is peace, we first need to begin to understand ourselves.
By changing our beliefs, we can change our entire world. We can create the life we have always wanted and we can find happiness everywhere and in everything. 

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The Power to Transform is Yours

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