Thursday, 18 June 2015

Don't fly Vueling Airlines

On May the 21st, 2015, I flew into Roma Fiumicino in order to catch a connecting Vueling flight from Fiumicino to Malaga due to leave within 90 minutes from my arrival. When I arrived in Terminal 3, I couldn't find my flight on the board. So, I asked an airport official who sent me to Terminal 1.

At Terminal 1, they sent me to Terminal 2. When I finally arrived at the Vueling check in desk, a very rude Vueling employee informed me that my flight was cancelled and rescheduled to fly from Roma Ciampino. Not knowing the airport nor how to get there, I asked for help and was denied any. Vueling claimed it was not their responsibility to get me to the new airport.

With only 55 minutes left to catch my flight, extremely stressed out and in a panic, I had to hurry through the airport, which led me to fall and break my foot. Nobody came to my assistance, not even Vueling. So, with a broken foot I had to make my way to a taxi, which cost me 60 euros to get to Ciampino.

Upon arrival at the check in desk in Ciampino, unable to stand or walk any further, I sat on the baggage belt and tried to ask the Vueling representative, at the desk, for airport assistance and help. He told me to wait in the queue. To which, at this point, and in so much pain, I told him that even if I could get up (which I couldn't) I wasn't going to until I got some help.

After some muttering under his breath, he arranged airport assistance, and without offering any help at all, told me to go and sit on chairs that were at least 4 meters away from the desk until the assistance could arrive. Anyone who has ever broken their foot will appreciate the agony of moving at all let alone that distance.

The only people who were mildly helpful were the cabin crew because they could see the pain I was in throughout the flight. They even gave me a complaint form to fill in.

The very next day, after arriving back in Spain, I was hospitalised, my leg put in plaster and given sick leave from work. In all, to the day I will be able to go back to work, I will have lost 1250€ in earnings, not to mention the pain, stress and frustration of not being able to move for the last few weeks.

I contacted Vueling, demanding some form of compensation and their response was to refund me 40€ and deny their responsibilities by hiding behind legal jargon. This is absolutely shameful.

I will NEVER recommend this airline to anyone. As they don't look after their clients, they don't deserve to have any.

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