Sunday, 31 May 2015

Wars serve no purpose.

Wars and armies are created for no other purpose than to increase the power and greed of the elite in a country. We are led to believe we need armies to protect ourselves and our countries and yet, I question who the enemy really is.

The elite create enemies in our minds so that we may fear each other and hate one another. In reality, it is not within our nature to hate. Hatred is a state of mind. It's an emotion we create in response to something. It doesn't flow freely or naturally through our veins.

As physical human beings we are born from an act of love - the love shared between two people. As spiritual human beings we are born of an immense creative force that is infinite and all loving. At no point in our existence is there ever a destructive force. It is not who we are.

Every human being on this planet comes into the world the same way and every human being on this planet comes from a Higher source. We are ALL exactly the same.

However, we let fear mongers convince us we are different, we let them use their skilled marketing techniques to make us believe we should fear each other. We feed their thirst for blood and their desire to control every single resource on this planet.

"They" sell the army to our youth as if it was some romantic drama of heroism and courage. Yet, ask any person, with a conscience, who has been to war and killed another human being and they will pour their heart out in search of forgiveness from their creator for the lives they have taken directly or indirectly. If there is a God in their world, they will more likely think they are going straight to hell for their sins.

The truth is, our armies brainwash our youth and I'm not talking on a local scale. I'm talking on a global scale; everywhere around the world. They pick them young so they can manipulate them and command them at will; like puppets. They use clever psychological techniques to place our youth into such painful and enduring conditions that they would do anything to please. They feed them false ideologies.

The world frowns upon a Dominatrix but the government is no different to a Domina training a slave. They beat and they yell and they turn a slave's mind inside out until there is nothing left but the will to serve and the desire to be the best. The human being is lost under a complete spell until a huge trauma makes them emerge back into the reality of who they are.

Then, as if waking from one nightmare into another, they discover they are nobody. Without the army, they have no identity, no mission, no-one to tell them what to do. They're lost until someone comes along and reaches out a hand to drag them out of the pit they've been hiding in; waiting, letting life pass them by.

War serves no purpose ... no purpose at all except to render service to the elite's gran scheme and make slaves of free men who otherwise might be great creators or masters of another destiny.
War is not the answer. Armies are not the answer. If everyone, everywhere, refused to sign up to an army, there would be no fighting anywhere in the world because nobody would be prepared to do it.

I'm not so naive to think that we could live in utopia but I do believe we can live together in peace. I do believe that if all religions of the world united and if "ALL" extremism in beliefs, desires, greed, politics and consumerism were abolished, the world would no longer need wars. Armies might take on a new constructive role instead of being destructive.

Love each other people. It is the only answer.

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