Sunday, 9 October 2011

Another Mind Set Central Podcast

Episode No. 82 - Mind Set Central Podcast -

Another Mind Set Podcast screams on to the internets with controversial topics galore!
Topics that are sure to get your brain juices flowing, and discussed in depth this week are:

The Weather – Strange?
World Wide Wasted Food
The Homeless Situation
The “Occupy” Protests
Letting off Political Steam
Banning Tea!
Clinton and Pakistan
Vaccination Scare
The Return of Anthrax (not the Band)
Cancer and the Steve Jobs Conspiracy
The China Money Bull
Bull Symbolism
Space war and Meteors
Pine Gap and STS48
HAARP and Scooby Doo
Critical thinking and Vampire foxes
Education and Texting
Alex and Venerina FIGHT!!
And so much more…


AlexFate said...

A fun podcast to make - and the Doctor tells me that my bruises should go down very soon... ;-)

Venerina said...

:-))) xx