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HAARP, the Euro and the shootings in Norway

I heard someone say today: “Not everything is a conspiracy.” I totally agree. Just like I have to say that not every conspiracy theorist is a crackpot crazy person!

It’s so true, everything is not about conspiracy. However, there are some times when you just have to admit that the evidence surrounding the events just don’t add up. Sometimes, it’s because the events that happen just seem too coincidental to be natural occurrences.

Sometimes, it’s because events just don’t tie in with the “average norm” of the status quo. And, sometimes people’s behaviour and the unfolding of events are just too fantastic to be credible.

Of course, if a series of events take place over a long period of time, then thanks to our short-term memory, we only look at each event as a singular isolated incident. On its own, each event doesn’t mean very much. It has its own importance, but it’s only relative in the grand scheme of things. Only when we put the pieces together do we start to get a bigger and clearer picture.

I continue to reiterate that I am not by any means a conspiracy theorist. I also keep repeating myself when I say that what I write are just a few of the ramblings that take place in my head.

If you don’t like what I write, don’t read it. If you don’t believe me, that’s good. Nobody should take anybody’s word for anything until they have done their own due diligence and found the answers for themselves. If you can see where I’m coming from, good on you but please still draw your own conclusions.

As a professional singer, I’ve had the honour of working with many magicians in my time. Some were bad and some were so good that even close up, nobody could figure out how they were pulling their tricks off. Whether they were good or bad though, the one thing they all had in common was the art of distraction and optical deception.

Magicians and their assistants know how to set the scene and perfectly create an illusion that appears to us to be reality. As we all know though, reality is what’s going on behind the illusion to make it all seem real.

I see global politics a little like a magic show. Politicians and governments are merely assistants to and a facade for the billionaires who put them where they are. Politicians’ speeches and actions serve only to distract us from the real issues going on beneath the surface of real politics.

I don’t really understand politics and it’s not something I get into, but the events that have taken place over the last month or so has me thinking. I wonder if I can get you thinking too. Not because I want you to think how horrid what I’m saying is, but because if you can draw the same conclusions as me, then maybe we can all stand on the same road towards making a difference, in the world, when it counts the most.

Before last week, I don’t think that in my 43 years on this planet I’d ever heard of an earthquake in Washington.

Now, I’d be inclined to believe that it is possible that global weather patterns have changed and decided to rampage through New York and Washington DC, but lots of things convince me this is no coincidence and no act of nature.

Ostracize me if you will but just stop and think for a moment.

  • Never before in the history of the world have I ever heard of a city the size of New York City being shut down for the sake of a hurricane. My memory’s not that good but I can’t even remember hearing of a rampant hurricane in New York, period.
  • Obama’s speech to the American people to take this warning very seriously and the expression on his face were that of fear. It made me immediately think: “What does he know that we don’t?”
  • All US and a few EU networks seem to be instilling the fear of God into people. I’ve never seen this kind of sensationalist fear publicized for any hurricane before. Again, it makes me think: “Is there more going on than we know?”

On the Internet, I found a series of meteorological radar scans that imply and quite possibly provide evidence to suggest that this particularly huge hurricane had a less than Divine creative hand. Unless, of course, the Divine Creator has been given time off for good behaviour and HAARP is the temporary replacement. Maybe the Divine Creator has been fired all together.

The global political world has always shown concern about weapons of mass destruction, yet HAARP is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. The most extraordinary and genial aspect of it is that nobody can prove what it can do. So, the perpetrators behind it can never be brought to justice.

HAARP is the stuff science fiction is made of. It’s so super-fantastic, we refuse to truly acknowledge its existence because we can’t quite wrap our brains around the concept that it can mimic God. Not only, but it comes fully installed with its own GPS system. So, the hand of HAARP can touch down whenever and wherever least expected.

HAARP is the ultimate paid assassin and its latest target, in the generally held opinion among conspiracy theorists, is Wall Street. Why? I can’t answer that, but I can give a few suggestions based on events that have taken place over the last month or so.

First of all, there’s been much talk in the mainstream and alternate media about the world being completely bankrupt. Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal (if I’m not mistaken) want out of the Euro. After these countries announced there wish to get out of the Euro, experts started talking about the Euro being on the brink of collapse. What was discussed less in the mainstream media but was mentioned more in the not so mainstream media was the collapse of the dollar.

I’m not an expert but if Wall Street is destroyed by the hurricane, will it mean world markets will crash too? Another very important question, I think, is will this be the excuse banks need to wipe out our savings “legally” as happened with so many Icelandic investors?

Even if this isn’t the main motive behind Irene, the destruction of New York City will mean a huge boost for American economy. In fact, the more damage the better. Houses will need rebuilding. Wounded will need medical care. People who have been evacuated and need to return will have to splash out on all their relocation costs. Public and private transport requires fuel. I’m sure if you sat down and thought about this enough, you could come up with more ideas than me.

In fact, a couple of these hurricanes a year in key places could set the ball rolling for the happy and healthy prosperity of all global economy! The world could be booming again. Oh, sorry, I meant to say the financially rich will get financially richer and the financially poor will get financially poorer.

Yet, in everything that could happen and everything that has happened, there is one disturbing intuition I can’t let go of; the shootings in Norway. There is an amass of information now on the Internet that concludes the events in Norway were a false flag; ingeniously carried out to start an inter-cultural feud in a country that has always been multi-culturally avant guard.

The idea my inner spirit keeps fighting is that the shootings were random and that Anders Behring Breivik is a Christian extremist. I think there’s much more to it. I don’t think this man is who he claims to be nor who the Internet and Media are making him out to be. I don’t think the shootings were random. I think they were carefully thought through.

I think Breivik was a puppet carrying out orders. One clue to us all is Breivik’s insistence on refusing criminal responsibility. He accepted and pleaded guilty to pulling the trigger but but he denied criminal responsibility. Only a man who is not the mastermind behind these events would make such a claim.

So, I went digging around on the Internet to find out some information about the students who were killed. I found some very interesting, and perhaps coincidental (or not) facts.

We were told the students were part of Norway’s Youth Labour party. What we weren’t told is that a great number of the deceased were studying at the University of Svalbard, which carries in the areas of biology, geology, technology and geophysics in the arctic region.

For those who don’t know, like I didn’t, the university of Svalbard is closely linked to HAARP. Why? Well, in Norway there is something called EISCAT; the European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association. They run scatter radar systems at various sites in the country; one of which is Tromso; coincidentally not very far from where the shootings took place.

The purpose of EISCAT is to study earth-sun interactions based on changes in the ionosphere. At one of the installations, EISCAT operate an ionospheric heating device very similar to HAARP.

Another interesting fact about EISCAT is that it is co-funded by the United Kingdom - that saw rioting this month - by Japan - that suffered a devastating earthquake and Tsunami; by Norway - which saw explosions and shootings; by Finland, Sweden, China - which had its fair share of disasters last year and at the beginning of this year; and finally by Germany, who wants to bail Europe out of its financial crisis.

However, moving on, my questions are:

Is EISCAT a competitor of HAARP?

Does EISCAT work with HAARP?

If HAARP was brewing something up in the ionosphere, what if EISCAT or Svalbard University students discovered it?

Could this have been a warning to the Scandinavian countries funding the project?

Is there a ploy to get EISCAT’s funding cut? That way HAARP would be the only weapon of its kind in the world.

I guess I’ll never find the answers to my questions. As per all odd cases, nobody will ever prove anything. Then, one day when we look back even the destruction hurricane Irene brings will be another singular isolated event in the memories of most people.

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