Friday, 29 July 2011

Parasites, Cancer and Chemtrails

I saw a very interesting article today on Facebook about Cancer and the possibility that it’s caused by the evolution of a new parasitic species that has taken up residence inside our bodies.

Apparently, and according to the article in question, this theory isn’t really new. As far back as 1956, Biologist Julian Huxley claimed that growing tumors belonged to a new species. However, it would seem that his theory paled in comparison with the prevailing one that still persists today, which is that cancer is a consequence of genetic mutation.

What I find curious is that, between 1956 and the end of the millennium, death by cancer represented a fairly small percentage of the population. Admittedly, a lot of data regarding cancer wasn’t submitted, filed or reported either during that time, but I’m sure we all agree we use to hear of it less.

It’s documented that in 2005 there were an estimated 1,372.910 US cases of which 570,00 or so were terminal. The forecast for 2011 is 1,596,670 new US cases and 571,950 deaths expected to occur. Those figures don’t look quite right to me; especially considering that in 2004 there were 7.4 million deaths worldwide.

How can we have a 223,760 new US cases of cancer predicted but only 1,950 newly expected deaths? I know we have new drugs and better cancer management, but we’re discovering new cancers all the time. We don’t yet have a cure. So, the percentages of survival seem a little low to me in comparison to the new cases predicted to emerge.

As a matter of interest, in 2007 there were 7.9 million deaths worldwide and in 2010 cancer became the number one killer globally; claiming the lives of well over 8 million people.

Another little fact that I find very curious is that cancer seems to prefer low income underdeveloped countries; claiming 70% of its victims there. Now why is that?

I was under the impression that our modern day stressful, smoke filled, junk food lifestyles were to blame. So, how does cancer find itself so prominent in societies where life is so much simpler than our own?

This brings me back to the article I read today. Parasites!

It’s long been thought that chemtrails infect us with parasites called Morgellons. There is so much information available on the world wide web, I’m not going to go into details here. If you’re interested, just type in chemtrails morgellons in Google and see what you come up with.

However, I found a very interesting video on youtube about a fibre that was found after a chemtrail blast. The strand looks like no more than a fibre of hair. Yet, under microscopic scrutiny, presents itself as the very parasite it is. The frightening thing is, it appears to have some sense of individualism. It shows a certain intelligence of its own.

The link to the youtube viedo is posted below, but I warn you - It’s not for the faint of heart.

So, if it is true that a new species of parasites is to blame for cancer and if it is true that chemtrails are showering us with parasites, can the two not be linked? I leave you to ponder the question, find out the facts and come up with your own theories and answers.

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