Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The world we live in.

The world we live in.



It’s all over!

There’s nothing but dust rising from the ground. The stench of burning flesh mixed with blood would be smelt everywhere should there be anyone left to smell it. The sky would be so filled with smoke that even if anyone survived, they wouldn’t be able to breathe.

No cars, no trains, no motorways and no planes. No food, no water, no crops no takeaways. No trees, no flowers, no animals and no humans to be found. Just silence and complete darkness.

Where once there stood magnificent buildings steeped in history, now lies ash obscured by a vapour of dust. It doesn’t matter anyway, because nobody’s left to appreciate its architecture and beauty.

Where once there were green parks with people basking in the midday sun and swans gliding along the pond, now amass mud banks covered in splatters of blood mixed with earth and water.

How fragile life is. Yet, we live and behave as if it’s eternal.

We are so arrogant. We think we are the superior race. We think we can conquer everything this world has to offer. We think we can own a piece of this world and whatever we like in it. We even go as far as thinking that we own this world.

On an individual level, we fight for a little piece of it every day. We have the arrogance to think that by buying a house or a piece of land it actually belongs to us. It doesn’t. It never will. Sure, we can have a piece of paper that says we purchased it and sure, we can hand it down from generation to generation, but it isn’t ours. A tsunami, an earthquake, a volcanic eruption or a tornado can take it from us at any moment. So, how is it ours? I ask you, how does anyone come to the conclusion that this earth is ours?

We’re extremely lucky we have the opportunity to occupy a little space, at any given moment in time, on this earth. I don’t think many millions of people know just how lucky we are. But, then I guess life takes on a whole new perspective mainly for those who have suffered loss of any kind through natural, or artificially natural, disasters. Perhaps, respect for this planet occurs mostly in those who appreciate, and are grateful, for what they have; instead of constantly seeking more and more.

It’s preposterous! We are territorially separated with borders and barbed wire fences that attempt to define and separate countries and people. NO country OWNS its land. No human being is different from another.

What’s even more ludicrous is we go to war and fight over land and earthly resources we don’t own nor will ever own. People, wake up and smell the coffee, we own NOTHING. Not one little thing. We don’t even own what we think is our own body. We don’t even own what we think is our mind.

The irony! We own nothing and yet we, ourselves, are slaves to everything. We are caught up in this economic frenzy that urges us to be a wasteful consumerism society. We don’t need it but we still buy it. It doesn’t work, we throw it out and buy a new one.

People are starving, children are dyeing and we feel no shame in stocking the fridge to the hilts and then throwing away everything that goes off. We can’t possibly consume THAT amount of food in a few days but we still stockpile.

We waste so much time, energy and money on futilities. Yet, when it comes to giving to a man on the street, we have none of the aforementioned. Our time becomes precious, we feel too tired to help and well, there’s a financial crisis going on. So, please don’t ask me for money!

How much do we need?

The more we have, the more we want and the more complicated life becomes.

Here’s a perfect example. We own a computer and the computer needs programs. Ah, but then we want to connect to the Internet. So, we need a service provider. The Internet has hackers and viruses, so I now need an anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti everything that will provide a little online safety. BUT ... computers aren’t reliable, so now I need an external hard-drive to keep my data on; just in case. Ah, but external hard-drives aren’t reliable either, so now we need to buy another one to make a copy of our backup. Alternatively, of course we could just buy a whole bunch of CDs and dump our stuff onto that. But, there is a risk we run over the disk accidentally with our chair when it falls on the floor.

Of course, God forbid we should lose anything or the computer stops working. Then, we get into a panic and a frenzy of where and how to get it fixed. Worse than that, we get ourselves worked up into even bigger frenzies because we can’t survive without the Internet, and neither can our crops in Farmville unless we harvest them within their time limit!

We’re completely hooked and addicted.

If we bought a TV, then we needed to have a Betamax. Then, all videos became VHS and now it’s all DVDs, Wiis and Play-Stations (and my head hurts); not to mention the Internet right on your TV set. Of course then, depending on your country, you need a TV license and cable or a great big satellite dish outside your house.

Heaven forbid anything should go wrong with any of the above mentioned. That would mean a huge amount of stress to the customer service call centre, which is actually not located in your region or even in your country. In fact, sometimes, the customer service representative might not even speak your language. They could be as far away as India! Now that’s what I call bringing the world a little closer together.

Oh well, I suppose it gives people something to talk about. Let’s face it, when we spend so much time in front of a computer or a television, conversation and communication skills do have a tendency to die a bit.

Hello!!!! ... life was never meant to be complicated. We complicate it!!!
Our children are hyperactive because of what they watch on TV; as well as the great amount of additives they consume in packed and processed foods. Yet, we cleverly define it as some kind of disorder and pop them full of pills or inject them, because we want a quick fix solution that will work here and now. Of course, we also sustain the growing pharmaceutical industry that is really out to keep us all ill, and legally addicted to drugs, so they can make gazillions and fund underhanded government tricks around the globe.

People, wake up and smell the coffee.

I’m not even going to start on chem-trails, CERN, HAARP and vaccines that are being forced upon us. I’m not even going walk down the road of power, greed and lies.

I just think it’s time to wake up and see how we’re being manipulated as a human race. We’re being turned against each other, as brothers and sisters living on this one planet, by those who would see it fit to rid society of whom they please. We don’t formulate opinions of our own anymore because we’ve given too much power to press and media. We let them spoon feed us what they want.

More to the point, we don’t ask questions anymore!

The big question, though, is why?

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