Monday, 2 July 2018

Dear Mr Trump and Dear Chinese Government from the Udumbara

 Four years ago, I received a random email from the flowering Udumbara ... Today, I received another one.

Dear Mr Trump,

I read, with interest, an article talking about you bringing in a new bill to restrict access of Chinese Tour operators; promoting Tibet, into the US, if the Chinese continue to deny access to foreign journalists into Tibet.

I find this a very contradictory move since it only serves the purpose of denying tourists access to Tibet. If people don’t visit Tibet, how will they ever see what conditions are there? How will they ever know Tibetan people? How will they ever sympathise with Tibet?

Perhaps, Mr Trump, a better route might have been to deny access to Chinese tourists into the USA but that might be very damaging for he US economy and not a very good route either. Why did you not deny access to Chinese officials instead of tour operators? I have to question whether you wish to damage Tibet’s economy but then, I get confused because I thought you were trying to help Tibet and Tibetans.

I read that your “Experts on China” deemed this a “Tit for Tat”. Far be it from me to tell you how to run your cabinet, but I really think you should reassign whoever said this. If they knew anything about Chinese People and Chinese culture, they would know that this is considered a confrontation.I was only in China 6 months and even I know it.

Has history taught us nothing? Chinese Culture doesn’t like confrontation. They are not bad people. They only show force and power because, even though they are an ancient, and wise, culture, they are still learning - like all of us. Only, they don't like to expose their shortcomings in public. It makes them feel like they fall short in some way, when in fact, all they are doing is learning.

So, please don’t make me think that this bill is all about creating a standoff with China. What will be next - sanctions? - The breaking of Trade agreements? What will you do, put them in a corner to damage their economy just so you can bring manufacturing back to the US as you promised during your election campaign?

I would never want to think that a man of your calibre would use Tibet as a pawn in order to “Make America Great Again?” (I do recall that sentence, which again was frequently used in your election campaign)

If this were the case, though, I might end up thanking you because you could very well end the hostility between China and Tibet and let me tell you, it will not be because of your bill.

You see ... old enemies can become friends in their moment of need.

Dear Chinese Government,

I wrote to you 4 years ago ... and today, I am back, louder and stronger. Please don’t enter into this game of chess that is being presented by the US government. It will be damaging to your economy in the long run. 

I have been to Lhasa. I apologise for taking photographs but I did. I apologise for taking videos but I did and I am a nobody in this world ... So, I am sure that any journalists who wanted to enter Tibet - already have. Otherwise how would we know about the brave Tibetan nuns and monks who set themselves alight? How would we know about temples that have been invaded? How would we even know about all the Tibetan people you have arrested?

Dear Chinese government, this is your chance to see things as they are. This is your golden opportunity to make allies of old friends and move forward in the grace you once shared.

If you had genuine Tibetan people in your shops in Lhasa and at the airport, instead of Chinese girls dressed in Tibetan dresses, you would stand to make far more money. Just think about it. Tibetan people are kind, they are very loving, generous, patient and peaceful but they are, also, very clever business people. You only have to see what they have created everywhere around the world to see that.

Four years ago, I wrote that you would never be able to break their inner strength - so, why not learn from it? There is strength in union. There is power in union. There is growth in union. 

Four years ago, I couldn’t see clearly ... I was still growing ... but now I see it all clearly.

I understand His Holiness the Dalai Lama is about to visit your country, please take this Golden opportunity to let all wounds heal.

A faithful servant of Humanity,
The Udumbara flower

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