Saturday, 3 March 2018

Plant a Tree

I hear a lot of people saying they don't know what to do to help save the planet. They fall into the trap of believing that they can't help, because they think the problem is too big, and so they stop there and give up. It's not that they're unwilling or incapable, they genuinely don't know what to do.
Well, all you members of New World Citizen, here's one thing you can do to help - Plant a Tree - You heard me ... Plant a Tree - It's not difficult ... you can do it anywhere and you'll be saving a life. Yes, saving a life - and that life could be of your mother, father, brother, sister, friend, neighbour, county, country - even planet.

The air, we breathe, is sadly not what it use to be ... Gases, emissions, pollution in general, is affecting our air very badly ... just look at all the factories and the gases they send up into the atmosphere. Think of the amount of plane emissions that get dumped every day. Think of the amount of fumes emitted by cars, buses, trains etc etc. All of that goes into our lungs when we breathe in and it doesn't matter where you live, you ARE affected.

I hear you say: "I live in a beautiful part of the countryside. The air here is pure. The water unspoiled. The land untouched" - but you're wrong.

That air, no matter where you live, is the same air we all breathe ... ALL OVER THE WORLD .... The air in your country is NOT exclusive to you. It travels ... and every breath you take in and then breathe out will, one day, come my way, and I will breathe it in and then breathe it out before it goes on its way to someone else.

Don't believe me? ... ok, well, watch how far cigarette smoke travels when it's blow out of a moving car window or how far smoke travels up and out of a chimney. Or, look up at the trail a plane can leave behind it. Air is not a containable substance. It cannot be isolated.
Air, is what keeps us alive. If we stop breathing, we know we die. So, air is, technically, the most important substance for our survival. Yet, so many people are dieing because of the quality of their air. Many cancers are caused by our polluted air and many diseases, as we know, can be transmitted through the air because viruses, like everything else on this planet are energy, (atoms), which are the very fibre of the air we breathe.

The air is cleaned by trees. They act like a big filter ... They suck in the bad stuff, cleanse it and send it back into the air in a clean format that we can breathe harmlessly.

The problem around the world is that too many trees are being cut down too quickly. Therefore, our filter is falling apart. It needs replacing like the filter in our cars.

The great news is that it's not too late to fix it. All we need to do is plant trees. If we all did, we would be giving ourselves and others the gift of life. If you plant a fruit tree, you give the world the gift of nourishment as well as life. You, also give the gift of anticipation - the excitement of waiting for the fruit to appear and ripen to consume, and hope - that the tree may bare fruit.

A tree isn't just a tree ... it's life itself ...
So, please plant a tree, be a hero and save a life.

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