Friday, 3 July 2015

Why do people go to psychics, mediums and tarot readers?

When people seek divination, it’s usually because they’ve reached the end of their tether and have nowhere else to go and no-one else to turn to. Or, perhaps they do have somewhere and someone to turn to but they just don’t trust their opinions; not because they’re not valid but simply because they will not consciously listen to any opinion that doesn’t resonate with what they want to hear. Yet, they don’t quite rightfully know what they want to hear. They’re engaging in attention seeking for the sake of being the centre of attention. They’re not actively engaging with the advice being given. Hence, they blame the whole world for being incompetent when, in fact, they’re not taking responsibility for themselves, their actions and the situations they find themselves in.

The type of people who seek out psychics are usually at a point in their life when they’ve reached emotionally instability. Their mind is so much all over the place that they have difficulty seeing the wood for the trees; so to speak. They’re agitated, somewhat hyper. They can’t focus properly and get distracted very easily. They flit from one scenario to the next for their lack of ability to deal with an issue and resolve it there and then. They’re going through some kind of anxiety and nervous stress.

A psychic, a medium, a tarot reader might tell a client a truth, in accordance with what the cards or the intuition is, but most of the time the client doesn’t want to hear the truth. The truth is unbearable and too difficult to deal with. If a person hears the truth, it means they have to face it and take responsibility for it. Yet, isn’t that why a client is seeking a psychic in the first place, to turn away from the responsibility of making decisions for themselves?

Also, in a popular culture, where people have been led to believe the impossible is possible, there is a tendency to turn to divination in search of miracles. A person seeking a reading will have other the top expectations both of the reading and the person doing the reading. When those expectations aren’t met, they’ll simply blame the tarot cards or the email method of response or the psychic or the medium. That’s when they’ll accuse them of being a charlatan and claim one method doesn’t work over another.

People should be aware that all divination is based on intuition. Intuition is intuition no matter whether it’s written, verbal, comes with a pretty set of picture cards or a set of stones with funny symbols on them. It’s not infallible but it’s also not fake. What makes it volatile is the clients own choices.

For example, I can say to a friend: “Please don’t drive your car today, I have a feeling something will happen.” The choice to drive that car is entirely up to my friend. My friend chooses, or not, to believe in my words. My responsibility is to deliver them. It is then their responsibility to pay attention to them or not. Nobody can force anybody to listen or obey; unless you’re in the army and have to follow orders. Every decision we make is entirely a product of our freewill.

What amazes me is, why people would choose to spend money on a professional psychic, tarot reader or medium when they’ve already hot-wired themselves not to believe anything being said. That is lunacy! It’s also a little narrow minded. The client has closed himself/herself off before they’ve even started. It’s crazy! I’m sure that clients work as hard as any one of us to earn their money, so why would they sabotage themselves in such a manner?

After all, money doesn’t grow on trees and it’s as if they’re taking it, putting it in an ashtray and burning it. If you’re going to PAY for advice, at least consider it, take it on board, mull over it, be open to receiving it.

Maybe, in today’s society of waste, we’ve just become too accustomed to having everything  too easily and too readily to appreciate any of it. That’s why we reject so much of it and throw it out. That’s also lunacy!

We’ve become a society that gives value to things instead of people.  We place value on appearance rather than content. Our priorities are completely screwed up and we accuse people, who are just human beings trying to make a living, of not being all they’re cracked up to be just because they don’t fit with our model of how they should be.

However, for every bad person in the world there is a good counterpart somewhere. The law of Karma also states that what goes around, comes around tenfold. The universe will balance things out eventually.

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