Saturday, 14 November 2015

Paris Attacks

Amid speculation and sadness, with regards to what happened in Paris, I feel anger towards the powers that control the world, hold public opinion and manipulate those who are gullible enough to believe in the lies being spread through the media.

Late last night, I was speaking to friend who’s son is in Paris as I was concerned for him. One truth my friend said to me was: “Nobody can speculate about who is responsible for the attacks.” Yet, in his speech, immediately after the events, Obama was quick to jump onto the terrorist bandwagon and, practically, accuse the Syrian refugees. His speech was then echoed today by Hollande. 

I’m sorry but, the way I see it, in a war torn country, through NO fault of their own ... because I would like to remind everyone that syria has NEVER threatened the security of any country anywhere ... people are fleeing with nothing more than the bare essentials they need to survive. 

Have a look at the post below - where we're given a glimpse into what Syrian people are carrying with them. I’ve posted it before.

You’ll notice, they are not carrying grenades, guns and bombs. They are carrying every day items that you and I may have at home and take very much for granted.

Let’s looked at the facts. Many refugees are dyeing at sea. None of them have any certainty of reaching their destination... any destination ... Many are walking thousands of kms to get somewhere - anywhere that will have them. Many of them have watched their children, spouses, parents and friends die. 

It takes a lot of desperation to venture out into the unknown, risk everything and face potential imminent death; with only a glimmer of hope in your heart that you or your child may live long enough to see another day.

After all the danger and ordeals they go through, and having experienced danger, despair and death myself, l can only imagine the gratitude and hope they feel when they reach somewhere, safe and sound - just for being alive. Do you honestly think a refugee would go through so much only to blow themselves up? - I don't think so. Human nature is about survival.

What we’re faced with here, is a handful of fanatics and not necessarily Sirian or ISIS. There is a lot to be gained from a carefully staged massacre. 

Today, the press announced they found a Syrian passport by the body of a suicide bomber. For me, this echoed 9/11 all over again. Just as in New York, where they couldn’t find a needle in a hay stack amid all the ashes of the twin towers, they somehow produced 2 Saudi passports. Yet, it wasn’t Saudi the US and UN declared war against, it was Iraq. It wasn’t Saudi the coalition called terrorists, it was Iraqis.

Now,  today, they would have us believe that amid the particles of flesh, of a suicide bomber, that has been blown to pieces and probably charred beyond recognition of their own mother, they found a Syrian passport? - Has anyone seen the effects of a bomb that has been detonated on the human body? Does anyone realise that whatever a suicide bomber has on them, at the time, it would be turned to ashes? Please stop and reflect for a moment. Please don’t point fingers and don’t let the media manipulate you.

Terrorism has always existed. Extremists have always existed. ETA, the IRA, Islamic fundamentalists, wacky religious groups, lone shooters, crazy ass idiots and politicians in every country. For good measure, I would also throw in the corporations who stand to gain a lot from disasters, wars and so on. 

Let’s also remember there were attacks in Paris, London, New York, India, Thailand, Africa and practically all countries long before Syrian refugees came along. 

I sit here writing this with a heavy heart, filled with sadness, because I see a bigger truth and that is that no country wants the refugees. Very sadly, that is the cold, harsh reality of the uncompassionate world we live in.  I also believe we’ve been lead down a garden path of hatred, especially towards Muslims, for decades. The powers that be wish to divide us - all of us. 

Julius Ceasar ruled Rome’s empire by the philosophy of "Divida et Impera" and this is exactly what  is happening now in the world. We are being divided. 

At a time, in history, when technology brings us all together and makes communication, sharing and learning a lot easier, it’s more and more difficult for governments to control what we know. Information technology has opened flood gates to realities that are very different to the one, singular, one we think we live in. 

Yet, information technology works in two ways: - The positive is that we have access to all types of information. The negative is that we can be fed information that has no validity. You’ve probably noticed how much crap is on the Internet. 

Human nature is to respond to information. Sometimes, we get happy, other times sad. Sometimes we get outraged and sometimes we feel a great deal of sympathy. 

When the truth about 9/11 and the illegal war in Iraq started flooding the Internet, people’s sympathies began to turn towards Muslims. No sooner had that happened, we saw the “coincidental” emergence of ISIS who set about terrorising the world and ensuring that public opinion would once again be turned against Muslims.  After all, how can you sympathise with a people you fear are going to slit your throat while you sleep. 

Unsympathetic turned into hatred. Hatred created nationalism. Nationalism means: “Get the foreigners out.” So, nobody cared when the US and coalition bombed Syria. I saw comments on the Internet like: “They’re getting what they deserve” - I would like these people to tell me, why Syria deserved bombing? What did Syria ever do to the West? 

I’ve seen people moan about foreigners taking their jobs. How can someone who doesn’t have experience or know the language take anyone’s job? If foreigners are in jobs, it’s because they’re willing to do them when a local won’t. 

I bet most people had never even heard of Syria until the bombings started. I’ll put money on the fact that most people don’t know Syria had a big reputation for exquisite architectural designs in the Middle East. It also boasted fine universities and education.

You may think of Syria as a backward third world country because that’s what you wish to believe or because the media told you. Yet, what if I told you Syria was a fine specimen of culture and progression? All you have to do is look up its history and photos of its finer years. Antique dealers would flock to the country in search of precious gems. 

This is where information is also dangerous. The powers that be know how we are triggered psychologically. They know what makes us tick, what we fear and how to get our blood levels up.

The truth is, we were sympathising with the Syrian refugees. We wanted their well-being, because despite everything, our true nature is loving and compassionate and caring. Yet, the Higher powers that be in the world, don’t want us to sympathise with refugees. So, what is the simplest way to make us hate them? A terrorist attack, and one of such proportion that we then fear it happening on our very own doorstep. 

If we fear them enough, we will demand that our governments send them back to the rubble and ruins of their own non-existent country. Or, worst of all, we won’t care if they let them die at sea.

I don’t want to tell anyone what to believe or feel or think .... but ... I would ask you, before you point fingers at the helpless human beings trying to survive, to please take a moment to reflect on the “non” coincidences of events that have taken place. When you “join the dots” as a friend of mine would say, you will see that everything is not always as it seems.

They are being framed and so are we. Worst of all, we’re being conditioned to not think for ourselves anymore but to believe everything we’re being spoon fed. Sadly, this is also reflected in the ever changing educational system that doesn’t allow for critical thinking anymore. 

I’m not asking anyone to agree with me but I would ask you to ask yourself the question: 
“What if?”

Peace be upon all of us because we’re all in this together; regardless of race, age, gender, colour, religion or beliefs. This affects the whole world at large.

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